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How Ellucian uses Docebo Learn Data to guide strategic decision-making


combines three sources of data to create comprehensive reports

130+ hours

of manual report-building saved each year


is a cloud-based software provider that helps higher education institutions with professional solutions to create a connected campus. Designed for universities of all sizes, the platform provides solutions for departments such as finance, IT, student services, human resources, recruiting, and admissions.

Shawn Dinnocenti is the Learning Technology Administrator at Ellucian.

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The Challenge

Accessing the learning data they need to run their business

As an enterprise software provider for higher education with over 3,000 employees, Ellucian generates a lot of data.

Having access to all of that data—including learning data from Docebo Learning Platform—is critical for the company’s strategic decision-making and success.

But integrating the data from their learning system with other sources, like Salesforce, was tricky. Ellucian needed a way to efficiently deliver customized reports to to multiple departments by combining learning data with other business data to make data driven decisions.

Learning Technology Administrator Shawn Dinnocenti would pull information from Docebo and combine that learning data with information from other sources to create reports in their CRM, so that other teams and departments who needed access to the information could find it.

Ellucian needed more flexible, automated access to all their learning data, so that they could integrate it with other sources of data into a single system, create the visual reporting they wanted, and easily correlate that data with other business data.


For anybody working with Docebo reports, having Learn Data is like having the keys to the kingdom. You get to go behind the scenes. You can go in and pull out the reports you want yourself. And that’s been worth every penny.”

The Solution

Centralizing their data in their existing BI with Docebo Learn Data

With Docebo Learn Data powered by Snowflake data warehouse technology, Ellucian can add all their learning data into the central repository: their existing BI and data ecosystem.

Ellucian created their own reports within Snowflake using the raw data that they were able to extract with Learn Data. From there, they were able to customize different visuals and tables and add those to dashboards designed for different users.

Now, their Docebo learning data is combined with insights from Gainsight and Salesforce to Tableau, so that multiple business units can access visual data reports instantly.

Ellucian uses Docebo for different purposes, including partner training, customer enablement, and internal training. For each of these, having centralized data and clear reporting has given the company valuable insights that have driven business decision-making.

We wanted more data to run our business. And training is part of the business, even if people don’t always think about it that way. The reports that were in Docebo were really good, but they didn’t provide us with the whole picture, and no one outside of the learning team could access them.”

The Results

Managing their business with better data

Now that Ellucian can easily combine learning data with data from different sources into a single place, the company leadership can use L&D data for better strategic decision-making.

Having all of this data in one environment also helps them blend and enrich data, leading to even more data-driven decisions in the future.

All of the reports that Shawn built and distributed each morning are now generated and shared automatically, saving her half an hour of her day — over 130 hours each year. She can use that time on the more strategic aspects of her job, like creating testing plans for learning platform upgrades.

With Learn Data, Ellucian has also been able to see revenue trends and track which courses are most profitable to increase their ROI from Docebo.

Ellucian has only been using Learn Data for a short time, but as their usage evolves, they are excited to be able to correlate more data and see what they can accomplish next.

“Docebo Learn Data allows us to see all of our learning data where we want to see it, and it allows us to combine that with other business data in a very visual way. It takes our reporting from good to great.”

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