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Case Study

Moving to online training will have us saving £600,000 by 2021

How a UK non-profit organisation digitised their training and saw engagement and savings skyrocket.

See why thousands of
enterprises choose Docebo

Their mission

The learning team at Citizens Advice is made up of 25 members and is led by the Head of Learning, Jodie Pritchard. With technology advancements in the last decade, Jodie knew their learning offer was in need of a complete transformation.

After months of research, findings reported that the current offer was cost heavy, had poor feedback from service users, and leaders had lost confidence in the department.

“Before we invested in Docebo, we had learning everywhere to be honest, housed learning on our internet and a small site, and pockets of learning in other parts of our internet as well. We really struggled with that to be honest mainly from a usability perspective because the learning was in different places. There was no reporting in place and we were unable to track completions and see who was interacting with the learning.”

Why Docebo?

  • In April 2019, mobilization of the new ‘Improving Learning’ transformation project launched. This project encompasses a move away from a traditional face to face learning offer and supporting documentation to a digital first learning offer – something that couldn’t have been done without Docebo.
  • Docebo allowed Citizens Advice to produce training that is sustainable and scalable in the long term, whilst aligning with the organisational goals and objectives.

“Now we can deliver value and quality for our learners through utilising an agile and user led approach.”

“Our team employee engagement score has been 8.3 throughout 2020, which shows what an engaged and motivated team we have in place.”

The future

Citizens Advice’s learning team has been a key enabler of client support through the development and delivery of effective learning content. This has supported their teams on the front line to meet the rising demand of communities across England and Wales. Their opportunities are endless and it’s exciting to see the impact of the Docebo platform and what is to come in the future!

“As we move forward, we are looking into a huge increase in functionality over the coming months, and we are in the process of moving all of our webinar bookings into Docebo and looking at how we influence Zoom and integrate it with the system as well. So it really is one main hub for everyone across Citizens Advice to use for learning.”