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Into Film reaches 177,650 young people through an online learning platform


teachers signed onto the platform, with over
50% of those interacting with Into Film for the first time


reaching students


total resources downloaded

Into Film

provides remote and in-person training, as well as webinars and hundreds of resources to help teachers use film in their classrooms. The courses cover topics like literacy, climate change, mental wellbeing, and filmmaking.

Their online learning platform is the perfect format to train teachers in using film to explore such important world issues. It encourages learning contextually, through film highlights, instructional videos, reading, gamification, and discussion with fellow educators.

Alexia worked as a primary school teacher and led a popular film club at her school before becoming the Training Manager at Into Film and is quoted throughout this case study.

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The Challenge

Becoming the leading platform for film in education

As the training manager for Into Film, Alexia and her colleagues have created courses to help thousands of teachers use film to teach their students. The charity is working with education, cultural arts, and other charitable partners across the UK to help get film firmly placed within the heart of the teaching curriculum.

In the past, Into Film was only able to publish and host their courses via a third-party website. But Into Film was excited to expand their offering and host courses independently, which they could then directly market to their educator audience.

Alexia and her team wanted to create a centralized hub for teachers, bringing courses and resources together onto Into Film’s website. That way, teachers across the UK could directly find and access what they needed in one place.

“We wanted people to see us as the go-to place for using film in education. We wanted people to come to our website and find all of the teaching and learning materials and opportunities they could need, all in one place.”

The Solution

A consolidated resource for learning with film, Alexia and her team utilized Docebo Learn to transform Into Film’s website into a one-stopshop for educators interested in teaching with film, allowing them to serve educators directly.

Docebo’s customizable online learning platform enabled them to integrate it effectively into their existing website by matching the look and feel of their branding. Teachers can now access a huge catalog of teaching materials directly from the Into Film website, including on-demand and virtual in-person-led training (VILT), and downloadable content to use in their classrooms, alongside their existing online streaming service.

Docebo Learn allows Into Film to personalize and design courses for different learning styles, with interactive quizzes, Q&A sections, discussion forums, videos, and written content. Teachers can explore different topics and lessons seamlessly, without bouncing between platforms. Perhaps most importantly, teachers anywhere in the UK can access Into Film’s on-demand, remote platform at any time of the day. Offering online resources allows Alexia and her team to help all teachers—which means they’re also reaching more young people.

“Having all of our courses and resources available in one place is great. Thanks to Docebo, it’s all consolidated on our website now. It’s a good place to show off all of the different things that we offer for teachers. And it feels like ours.”

The Results

Engaging nearly 4,000 teachers and 177,650 students In the first 1.5 years after launch, nearly 4,000 teachers signed into the platform and used it to reach a total 177,650 students between the ages of 5–19. For over half of those educators, this was their first interaction with Into Film.

2,886 teachers also attended VILT webinars, and 3,641 resources were downloaded from the learning platform’s resource library in the same timeframe. Alexia and her team are also in the process of implementing Docebo Flow and Docebo Connect to extend the reach of their courses even further. Now that Into Film have their own learning platform, reporting on user behaviour alongside their existing reporting capabilities helps them better understand their audiences, and these insights help drive their program forward. Finally, giving more people access to the wider Into Film program helped raise the charity’s profile and the work they do.

“Film is a text. It’s a great tool for comprehension and literacy… students are able to understand themselves and the world around them through the characters, which is a great way to explore wellbeing topics. We also train teachers and their students on using filmmaking to enhance and deepen learning in any curricular subject, as well as their digital skills.”

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