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L&D Diaries

UniGroup achieves an 80% adoption rate across 27 countries with Docebo

How UniGroup saved time, increased returned users and provided 24/7 access to learning with Docebo

See why thousands of
enterprises choose Docebo

Their dream

UniGroup was looking for a learning solution that would take them to the next level while supporting multiple departments.

“You’re walking around with the ability to learn at any given time 24/7 and we definitely had to find a platform that would comply with that.”

Why Docebo?

  • UniGroup had an LMS with limited capabilities that relied on the learner for a lot of the heavy lifting within the process.
  • It was important to have new content options, an upgraded LMS, and to have a mobile-ready feature.
  • An automated process that would give time back to the LMS admin, as well as the learners who have previously had to manually include items such as PDFs and other course additives.

“I can easily say that Docebo has reduced our efforts by two thirds since we have switched over.”

The future

UniGroup is looking forward to continuing their partnership with Docebo as they explore new features and functionalities of the platform and how to best use them for their learning program.

“From day one, we started to see the value of the Docebo platform, it was great, we love it.”