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How Docebo helped Cloudbeds increase daily active users and reduce churn

of Cloudbeds customers using Cloudbeds University

Customers who use CBU are:

less likely to churn
more likely to become daily active Cloudbeds users, and
more likely to purchase add-ons

Cloudbeds provides the platform that powers hospitality, driving streamlined operations, increasing reservations and revenue, and enabling memorable guest experiences for lodging businesses of all sizes and types across the globe.

“Docebo’s design and flexibility allow you to build a learning experience that puts what’s important to you and your customers front and center. It makes the entire learning experience very intuitive.”

Marta Nelson
Sr. Manager of Training and Enablement, Cloudbeds

The Challenge

Finding the right tools to plan customer training in advance
When Marta first joined Cloudbeds, customer training initiatives were “reactive”: customer coaches would reach out to the customer training team to request content that addressed a specific topic, and they would work as quickly as possible to deliver.

Because of this, they never had the opportunity to strategize and build a comprehensive training program—they were always focused on fulfilling the latest request.

On top of this, learning content was stored all over the place, and they didn’t have a centralized location where customers could go to learn everything about the Cloudbeds product. In-app videos were linked directly within the product, while other learning content could only be found in their knowledge base. Everything was siloed.

This unsystematic approach to customer enablement had consequences for Cloudbeds. Customers had to seek out learning opportunities and find relevant information that wasn’t easily accessible from a central source. There were knowledge gaps, under-utilized resources and clients who weren’t using the product to the fullest capability.

The Cloudbeds team knew they needed an LMS that could be their single source of truth for all things customer training. With the right tool, they could build out learning paths, personalize the user experience, and create content in advance. It was crucial that customers were getting the most from their training—so that they could make the most of Cloudbeds’ products.

“We were always reacting to training needs. And being a reactive business, we weren’t able to be as lean. We weren’t able to do as much as a team because when you’re in a reactive model, you need to be in the moment. You’re constantly addressing things as they come up as opposed to building it out in advance and letting it run.”

Marta Nelson
Sr. Manager of Training and Enablement, Cloudbeds

The Solution

A highly-customizable LMS that helps them meet aggressive learning content goals

More than anything else, Cloudbeds wanted an LMS solution that was highly customizable and could be tailored to match their branding. Their team even considered building an in-house solution to ensure they had the flexibility they wanted.

When they found Docebo, they quickly realized that wasn’t necessary. With Docebo’s out-of-thebox functionality, customization and reporting engine, Cloudbeds could achieve all of their goals without reinventing the wheel.

Docebo could easily be tailored to their needs and Cloudbeds branding. Customers accessing it wouldn’t even suspect they were on a third-party platform.

The Cloudbeds team designed a comprehensive customer training program built around key learning objectives for different customer profiles.

Then, they set up Docebo Learn and created their own customer learning solution:
Cloudbeds University (CBU).

Using Docebo to build CBU allowed Marta to curate different learning paths, so that customers see content that is most relevant to them first.

Now, different Cloudbeds teams can contribute learning content to CBU based on their own expertise and priorities while maintaining a smooth learner experience. CBU’s unified branding and automation create a seamless experience for end users, and learning content is centralized in a single, easy-to-access place.

Docebo’s intuitive interface makes it easy both for customers to navigate and for the Cloudbeds training team to upload and organize content, which in turn helps the company meet their ambitious goals.

“Docebo makes it really easy to package content in a way that’s fresh and fun and put it in front of our customers. We have some really aggressive content goals this quarter, and Docebo’s infrastructure has made it easy for us to organize that content and get it in front of people who are excited about it.”

Marta Nelson
Sr. Manager of Training and Enablement, Cloudbeds

The Results

10% lower churn rates for customers who complete CBU courses
Today, over 60% of Cloudbeds customers are using CBU, and Cloudbeds has seen significant improvements in customer retention and expansion as a result.

Customers who complete a course on CBU are 10% less likely to churn and 15% more likely to become daily active users of Cloudbeds software. CBU learners are also 15% more likely to purchase Cloudbeds add-ons.

Qualitative data also shows similar positive outcomes, and customers give CBU a training feedback score (TFS) of 96%.

On the employee side, Cloudbeds University allows onboarding specialists to spend less time explaining their product and more time to focus on creating a premium, high-touch experience for customers.

The results are positive across the board: Cloudbeds clients are well-informed, sticky, and effectively utilizing the product, while Cloudbeds team members can dive deeper and move
faster in servicing those clients.

“With Docebo, people don’t even get the chance to ask where to start their learning,
because the answer is already right there in front of them. It’s super intuitive.”

Marta Nelson
Sr. Manager of Training and Enablement, Cloudbeds

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