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Case Study

Training 1100+
sales pros in 3
languages with

How Samsung turned their sales channel into a network of high performing sales advocates, while establishing a community among peers.

See why thousands of
enterprises choose Docebo

Their mission

Vytautas and his team dreamt of creating a learning platform that provided continuously updated product information, and a social hub for over 1100 in-store salespeople across the Baltics.

“Our goal is to get them more involved – if you become an expert in a sales community like this, you’re obviously becoming a better advocate of the product as well.”

Why Docebo?

  • Full mobile device accessibility with the Docebo Mobile App, allowing salespeople access to information while on the shop floor.
  • The option of 40 languages to choose from within the learning platform, meaning that content could be shared amongst all teams across the Baltics.
  • The social learning ability with Discover, Coach & Share allows their teams to connect across the region.
  • Exceptional support from their Customer Success Manager, where Vytautas and his team felt supported in smashing their learning goals.

“After going through numerous trials, Docebo stood out as the best platform for us. We’ve been really happy with their customer support and it’s so easy to customize so we can make our platform look any way we want. The best part? Our learners can use the platform wherever they are, whether on computer or mobile phone and get the information they need quickly to help their customers.”

The Results

The Future

  • Vytautas and his team have their sights set on inspiring more User-Generated Content (UGC), to lighten the load on admins and encourage more community insights.
  • The L&D pros plan on extending their awards program to incentivize their learners even further and encourage competition between peers.

“Over the next few months we’d like to encourage user-generated content and also ignite customer generated content…maybe have a competition for their own content creation, reward them for that, see what sort of input we can get.“