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How Docebo helped 2020 reach 3x as many customers with their on-demand training

more people can access their courses than before
average attach rate for training each month
more paid courses offered
of total training revenue from online courses
saved in instructor costs each year

2020, a Cyncly Company, provides end-to-end interior design software solutions for designers, manufacturers, and retailers. They provide specialized visualization, sales, manufacturing, and content solutions for over 70,000+ customers across 100+ countries.

Vanessa DeKoekkoek is 2020’s Global Training Manager.

2020 Website Screenshot

“Leaving the world of Excel spreadsheets thrilled me. Having a bird’s-eye view of our business through one tool is a great resource.”

Vanessa Dekoekkoek
Global Training Manager, 2020
2020, a Cyncly Company

The Challenge

Finding the right learning platform for their global customer base
2020 is one of the world’s leading interior design software providers. They build and sell different software solutions to help their clients design beautiful interiors, including kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and more.

2020 pairs their software offering with free and purchased training so customers can get the most out of their product.

In the past, most of that training was done in person. Each of the company’s different markets was responsible for building and selling their own training, and they didn’t have a central platform to monitor their courses in one place.

Each team tracked their sales metrics using complicated spreadsheets that were hard to compare, making it difficult to get a global view of their training sales.

Lots of opportunities for growth were lost: Markets were siloed, and there was no easy way for teams to collaborate.

On top of that, only offering in-person classes limited the number of clients who could access training. A lot of clients couldn’t purchase training because it wasn’t available in their region and travel was outside their budget.

2020’s company executives knew they couldn’t go on like this. They needed a learning management system (LMS) to streamline their training offering, create better experiences for customers who purchased it, track results, and improve their sales.

With the right solution, 2020 would be able to sell training to customers directly through their website, no matter their location.

“We didn’t have one system to keep track of training, let alone any analytics. Globally, we have a lot of different markets that we offer training in, and we needed a better way of keeping track of all of that.”

Vanessa Dekoekkoek
Global Training Manager, 2020
2020, a Cyncly Company

The Solution

An e-Learning solution for e-commerce
When the team at 2020 found Docebo, they knew they would be leaving the world of messy spreadsheets behind.

They loved how intuitive the platform was and how easy it was for their customers to use. With all of their training data in Docebo, the company could now easily track course sales and compare performance in different markets.

Docebo’s E-Commerce App allowed 2020 to streamline their sales process and make it possible for customers to purchase training directly from their website. Now, when a customer buys one of their software offerings, they are immediately prompted to purchase a training package as well.

2020 used Docebo to start offering online courses in addition to their existing in-person training. They created different training formats to fit different customer needs, including instructor-led online courses and self-paced courses.

Using Docebo also made it much easier to create and publish new classes. In the past, designing, outlining, and launching a new course would have taken 2020 at least six months — with Docebo, they can get a new course launched in under a month.

Most importantly, when the pandemic started, the company was ready. They were able to shift all previously in-person-only classes online in just three weeks.

“We have people buying training before they even open our software. It’s the magical transition that we all dream of.”

Vanessa Dekoekkoek
Global Training Manager, 2020
2020, a Cyncly Company

The Results

An average 5-10% attach rate for training
2020 has grown by leaps and bounds since they first started working with Docebo nearly five years ago. They’ve been able to use Docebo’s enterprise capabilities to scale their training offerings, including creating content in different languages and collecting payment in several currencies.

With Docebo’s e-commerce app to sell training directly on their website, they’ve seen an average 5-10% attach rate from customers who purchase software.

They can now offer 6x more paid training courses than they did before using Docebo, and they also have an additional 41 free courses and webinars available for customers. On average, 70% of their customers now enroll in more than one course.

Offering instructor-led and self-paced online training in addition to their in-person classes allows them to reach 3x as many customers as they could four years ago. And their customers love learning online: Today, over 70% of 2020’s total training revenue comes from online classes.

Finally, using Docebo also saves the company’s 30 instructors approximately 35 hours/month/ instructor. That’s roughly $60,000 saved each year, the cost of hiring another full-time employee.

“Every single month, every time we sell software, we’re automatically selling training with it…Without Docebo, we wouldn’t be able to make that a very quick and easy experience.”

Vanessa Dekoekkoek
Global Training Manager, 2020
2020, a Cyncly Company

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