Learning Project Overview:

Take 5’s rapid expansion meant a greater need for business processes to scale alongside this growth and employee training was one area, in particular, the company wanted to improve.

Take 5 is owned by Driven Brands alongside other auto service companies including Meineke Car Care Centers, Maaco, and 1-800-Radiator & A/C. Driven Brands was looking to streamline its learning initiatives by deploying a learning solution across it’s whole portfolio of brands.

Customer Challenges:

Take 5 Oil Change works closely with its field workers to develop training programs that help employees succeed in their jobs and continue to grow within the company.

“We have our Pit Technician to President career path, so at every level of promotion within our company, it’s important that staff have the tools they need to succeed,” says Jazmin Brown, Sr. Director of Learning and Development at Take 5 Oil Change.

But while learning and development opportunities are important, previously, there was no centralized destination that employees could go to for quick answers. If someone had questions based on their role and responsibilities, they would be emailing separate departments and the answers would be confined to email threads, rather than being shared across the company.

“All of our departments had general email inboxes, like ‘marketing@take5oilchange.com’ or ‘training@take5oilchange.com’ and there were just these empty black holes of communication.”

“What was very important for us was the ability to have all of our systems in one place for employees to reference and, if anyone has a question about anything, they have one place to go to.”


When Take 5’s team started looking into options for a new learning platform, they realized that their counterparts at Driven Brands companies were facing similar challenges.

“We reached out to the other brands, Meineke, Maaco, and 1-800 Radiator to see what they were using and we quickly found that all of the Driven Brands were operating in silos. So when we looked to find a provider, Docebo was one of the options that one of the brands had looked at and we were really excited to be able to start that conversation again.”

There was clearly the potential to roll out a learning platform across all of these brands if it was the right fit, helping Driven Brands to streamline all learning initiatives while easily scaling these activities.

Another key need for Take 5’s team was ease of use and providing a user experience for both admin and learner that would be straightforward to navigate. This was especially important because Brown and her team had no previous e-learning experience. The team found that not only did Docebo produce a modern look and feel, but it was simple to set up as well.

“My team does not have an e-learning background at all, we don’t have LMS administration backgrounds. So we needed a platform that was able to support us in our success, and something intuitive enough that we could figure it out pretty easily. We found that Docebo was the best option for us to move very quickly in launching our new platform to the field.

The flexibility of features such as Docebo Pages and Mobile Pages gave the team the power to completely design their learners’ interface and learner experience, end to end, in minutes. Drag and drop widgets also let them build out pages without any coding skills.

“From the beginning, when we had conversations with Docebo, the customer service team, and the sales team kept asking us ‘What are you looking for in a platform? How can we make sure we’re meeting your needs?’ Docebo’s customer service was really what put it over the top for us, as well as the intuitive platform.”

Once Take 5 had selected Docebo, it was critical to rally all of the appropriate teams from the beginning to get buy-in and build excitement for the new platform.

“Once we were able to launch, because of that buy-in from leadership, the other support center departments, and the buzz around the launch of this platform, it was extremely successful from the start, and we’re very grateful for that.”


Before using Docebo, one of the major employee training pain points was having no centralized destination, meaning knowledge and insights would often get lost.

To address this, Take 5 turned to Docebo’s social learning module, Coach & Share, which allows users to comment, ask questions, upload their own knowledge, and interact directly with Subject Matter Experts. Spurring engagement with these channels was a key objective to help foster a culture of learning, and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Some of the ways that we measure the success of our platform is by looking at engagement levels and how often our employees are logging in and completing, not only courses, but engaging with our social learning side.”

“Are they asking questions to the channel? Are they uploading assets? Are they answering other people’s questions?
One of the most impressive things we’ve seen within our Docebo Coach & Share module is that we’ve had over 6,000 questions since we launched. We only have about 2000 active users in the system, so this is an incredible proof of concept that shows this is where people go and they’re willing to voice their questions and we’re able to answer them very quickly.”

“This alleviates a lot of the pressure on our support center departments. So now, when people ask a question in Docebo Coach & Share, everyone can publicly see the answers. If you have the same question over and over again, you are able to see the answer right away instead of sending an email.”

With the siloed learning approach of the past proving increasingly ineffective, Take 5’s success piqued the interest of the other automotive companies within Driven Brands. Docebo’s adoption and engagement has proven the value of a modern learning platform and it will now be rolled out across these other brands.

“A lot of the leadership at the other companies were looking at us to see if this was the next solution to streamline the LMS platform across Driven Brands. So, based on our success, it will save us considerable amounts of money to have Docebo as our one provider.”

While the team will be able to leverage their experience to streamline the platform’s launch across brands, this roll out won’t just be a rebranding of the look and feel. Brown is quick to note that delivering what is best for each set of learners is critical to ensuring continued success.

“When we look at other brands like Maaco, for example, we have more franchise owners that will be interested in content relevant to growing their business and growing profit margins.”

“So as we launch Docebo for each of our brands, it’s important to analyze the content, analyze the look and feel to make sure that it’s not just a ‘copy and paste’, but that it will be catered to the end user.”

Continuing to build on the momentum created by the launch of the Docebo Learning Platform is now the next step with plans to keep expanding its use across Driven Brands and within different departments.

“Within a 13-month timeframe, we’re launching two of our major brands on Docebo which is very exciting. After that, we also plan on transitioning all of our support center employees at Driven Brands to their own instance. Next year, we’re planning on launching it at Meineke and then launching it to the other brands.”