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This top 10 U.S. bank is training 70,000+ learners with Docebo


active learners


yearly instructor-led training sessions


lines of business building their skills, including Card, Retail, Financial Services, and more

Top 10 U.S. Bank

This customer is a leading U.S. bank with over 50,000 employees, serving customers across North America and Europe.

Quotes from this story are from the customer’s Senior Learning Manager.

The Challenge

Attract, retain, and develop talent. at scale.

For a rapidly-growing financial institution, talent is everything. The business requires skilled people to work with customers, build new products, and maintain tech infrastructure.

Our customer wanted to focus on talent mobility to build skills internally. They emphasized four key high-growth job areas: Technology, Product Management, Analyst roles, and Leadership. But they were facing challenges with content management and organization. Admins often uploaded content to the platform, but it was rarely (if ever) removed. This made their ecosystem disorganized and hard to search, with lots of outdated information.

Of course, a disorganized learning experience hurts learner engagement. But when you want learners to work towards building their skills and moving to new roles in your business, the learning experience needs to be simple and intuitive. This was another challenge: Building an engaged culture of learning and growth.

Finally, our customer wanted to deliver learning at a bigger scale, but were facing a bottleneck of L&D resources. The only solution was to automate large parts of their workflow, which their existing learning tools couldn’t support.

“Watching an employee go from answering customer calls to engineering software—that brings me great joy.”

The Solution

Scalable, engaging learning, powered by integrations

Our customer used Docebo to build a branded learning portal for employees. By using different features within the platform, they’ve designed an engaging and effective learning experience.

The first big win was integrations. They connect Docebo with Workday, Salesforce, Google Calendar, and other tools. The Workday integration allows them to import all of their user fields, which helps make sure training goes out to exactly the right people based on job title, business line, location, and more. And the Google Calendar integration has improved attendance and participation in instructor-led training by automatically creating events in learners’ calendars when they register for a session.

Automation tools have been a game changer, helping the organization reach over 70,000 learners. Learners can now be enrolled based on simple rules that are easy to set up. And our client also solved their challenge with outdated content: They can create rules that remove content based on its age or number of views instead of having to audit it manually.

Docebo’s widgets help out, too. A compliance widget lists mandatory compliance training and when it’s due. Previously, compliance courses and other training appeared together, which made learning feel less exciting and also made it more likely for compliance to fall through the cracks. Separating the two has done wonders for engagement. Meanwhile, a ‘popular courses’ widget on the homepage highlights the most engaging content and helps guide learners. Since adding this simple widget, traffic to high-performing courses has improved by 75%.

“If you want to learn more about the Cloud or Machine Learning, you can go into our learning platform and do that.”

The Results

Massive learning engagement, skills-building, and impact

After switching to Docebo, this top-10 bank is learning better and more efficiently. Compliance training happens faster and learners are going beyond compliance to develop new skills. Internal mobility is on the rise and the bank is filling technical roles internally, which boosts engagement and retention. The best courses are getting 75% more traffic.

They’ve simplified enrollment and content management with time-saving automations. This frees up the L&D team to focus on what matters: Building learning that aligns to business strategy. Their learning platform now hosts over 600 virtual instructor-led courses, with over 4000 sessions happening each year. Even among a team of over 50,000 employees—that’s a lot!

The program has successfully scaled and now serves all of their lines of business, from Credit Card to Retail to Financial Services. They’ve truly built a culture of learning.

The final contribution is the power to measure their success. By pulling data from Docebo into their business intelligence tool, our customer can analyze course performance, instructor performance, and learner sentiment. And the L&D team is getting the data they need to prove that learning is making a difference and helping grow their business.

“Docebo is always helping me solve problems.”

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