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Case Study

Creating over 3,000 customer training courses in 11 languages with ease

How a German tech certification giant created over 3,000 courses and a successful web shop for their global audience in just 4 months.

See why thousands of
enterprises choose Docebo

Their mission

  • Corinna Lisson, David Rasch, and Nicolas Notis had the mammoth task of providing training for 20,000 customers in 11 different languages across 26 countries. 
  • They also wanted to find a learning platform that offered e-payments in all currencies so they could monetize their learning content.

“We wanted to fully digitise our training offering across our 20,000+ customers base globally. We also wanted to increase our revenue streams and use reporting to better understand our customers.”

Why Docebo?

  • Docebo’s multi-language offering enabled Corinna, David, and Nicolas to provide the same quality of training across 26 countries within their platform.
  • Using Extended Enterprise, Corinna, David, and Nicolas’ team were able to train employees and customers all in one platform.
  • TÜV Rheinland wanted to make it easy to distribute learning content to multiple audiences, and with the option of e-payments, they have created their own web shop.

“Docebo has enabled us to establish in 26 countries, improve our customer experience through faster, better onboarding, and increase our active users by 46%.”

The results

The future

  • The team aims to reduce the need to travel and continue to work on moving face-to-face training online.
  • They plan on adding blended learning elements with gamification, role play modules, and virtual environments.
  • Another goal is to introduce self-learning modules to deepen the co-operative element of the learning process.

“We want to explore new forms of learning in all the countries we are present in. We’re particularly interested in encouraging self-learning and creative modules to encourage that.”