Complete your SaaS product with the one thing it’s missing: a learning platform your customers will actually buy and use.

Eliminate disjointed user experiences, long development cycles, and ineffective partner models. Embed and re-sell the only comprehensive OEM program for enterprise learning as a part of your HCM, Risk Management, and Retail/Hospitality SaaS suites.

Your Style, Your Navigation, Your Experience

Create a consistent, fully white-labelled learning experience for your clients – 100% control over navigation, style, user experience, authentication and data integration.

Give your clients a fully white-labelled learning experience

Easy Releases & Product Enhancements

Control the timing and release of new platform features. Seamlessly incorporate the latest AI, mobile and social learning product enhancements.

More control over enhanced feature support for Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile, and social learning technologies
Be go-to-market ready, along with sustained growth of your learning product

Launch & Scale Quickly

Leverage pre-built integrations and a rapid enablement program – ensure alignment across product, marketing, sales, customer success, implementation, and financial processes.

Meet Client Demand

Win more business and increase average revenue per client by offering a holistic learning platform trusted by over 1,700 companies in 68 countries and 40 languages.

Scale your business and increase average revenue per client by offering a holistic Learning Platform

Docebo Embed Gives You Control

Fully White-Labelled Web and Mobile Experience

Seamless Single-Sign On

Pre-built course/activity data exchange (API/Webhooks)

Native Navigation (Breadcrumbs)

Simple Sandbox and Production Provisioning

Controlled Release & Feature Management (Toggles)

Auto-generated Team & User Structures

Flexible Global AWS cloud distribution

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