Deliver personalized learning experiences to any audience with Docebo and AWS

The Docebo and AWS collaboration reinforces our mission to help solve enterprise learning challenges for companies around the world.

Learning content that’s available anywhere, at any time, on any device

With Docebo and AWS, your learning content and solutions are accessible 24/7, from anywhere, and by anyone with a browser and login credentials. Build a culture of learning that delivers value where and when it’s needed.

Cloud-based learning solutions that evolve with the market

With AWS, Docebo can push out lightning-fast product updates to our customers to address their evolving needs and market conditions. That means customers can benefit from every new feature, integration and platform upgrade as they become available.

World-class data security and privacy controls

AWS allows Docebo to provide unsurpassed data security to everyone who uses our platform. Rest easy knowing that your company data, and that of your users and customers, is safe and secure.

Helping companies bring their learning vision to life

The Docebo Learning Suite is a multi-product technology suite, designed to solve challenges at each stage of the enterprise learning lifecycle. Docebo helps companies build a learning culture that boosts productivity, drives revenue and can scale across multiple teams and audiences.

“Using Amazon Web Services allows us to keep an agile mindset. Our product team can respond rapidly to customer suggestions, while also continuing to innovate within our software platform.”

– Fabio Pirovano, Chief Technology Office @ Docebo