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    Getting Started

    Discover the basics within the Docebo Learning Management System

    Users Management

    Learn how to manage, create and import users as well as groups and organization charts

    Course Management

    Learn how to create, customize and organize your online courses and training materials

    Learning Object Management

    Learn how to upload and manage training material in your Docebo Learning Management System


    Learn how to manage, export and archive existing reports, or create new customized reports from scratch

    Apps & Features

    Learn how to activate Apps within your Docebo Learning Management System


    Learn how to activate Integrations within your Docebo Learning Management System


    Manage advanced settings such as registration types, notifications, newsletters and languages

    Coach & Share

    Learn how to manage informal and social learning in your Docebo Learning Management System.


    Learn how to navigate your learning platform from your mobile device.

    Payment & Billing Policies

    Learn more about active users formula, transaction processes and credit card settings


    Learn how to manage the Perform module and evaluate your employees.

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