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Course Management

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How to Configure and Manage the Course Player

Superadmins can configure the course player to show a detailed overview page before the player appears to learners.

How to Manage LTI Learning Objects

How to manage and register LTI learning objects in your course inside of your Docebo Learning Management System.

How to Create a Video Learning Object from a Video URL

How to create a Video Learning Object from a Video URL

How to Manage the Central Repository

Discover how the Central Learning Object Repository works

How to Manage Deep Linking

Discover how to manage the Deep linking feature

How to Create an HTML Page as a Learning Object

Discover how to create an HTML page

How to Create Course Additional Fields

Discover how to create courses custom fields

How to Manage the File Repository Area Widget

Discover how to create a dedicated section on the platform where you can upload material, and allow users to also upload and download material they want to share with each other.

How to Upload an AICC Standard Learning Object

Learn how to upload and manage an AICC course

How to Create and Manage a Webinar Course

Discover how to create Webinar course in order to create live sessions in addition to the elearning courses in your learning program

How to Manage the Question Bank tool

Discover how to store test questions in case they need to be reused across multiple assessments or evaluations.

How to Enable the Course Rating

Discover how users can rate their courses and share their evaluations.

How to Manage the Social Feature

Discover how to share your courses on major social networks

How to Manage the Training Material View

Discover how to manage the training materials view

Test: How to Manage Test Options

Discover how to manage test options in your Docebo LMS

How to Manage the Navigation Policy of a Course

Discover how to manage the navigation policy of a course

How to Manage Training Material Settings

Discover how to manage End objects markers and Bookmarks.

How the Manage Docebo’s Image Editor for Learning Objects

Discover how to insert an image inside an html page, in a test and in a survey

How to Manage Assignments in your Docebo Platform

Learn how the Assignment Learning Object works.

How to activate the code feature

Discover ho w to manage the "code for the automatic subscription to a course feature"

How to Upload and Convert a Video

Discover how to upload or embed a video into your courses

Test: How to Manage Scores and Feedback

Learn how to manage score and feedback.

How to Manage Tests in GIFT Format

Learn how to manage tests in GIFT format in your LMS.

How to Upload xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) Content

Learn how to upload a TIN CAN content into your courses

How to Upload and Manage a SCORM Learning Object

Learn how to upload SCORM content into your courses.

How to Manage the Slides Converter Learning Object

Learn how to upload a presentation and play it online.

How to use the Course Management Menu

Discover how to use the Course Management menu.

How to Manage Courses: Layout and Content

Learn how to manage course layout the contents

How to Manage and Create a Course: Advanced Options

Learn how to setup the advanced options for your courses.

How to Divide Courses into Categories

Discover how to divide courses into categories to better organize your training.

How to Check Course Reports

Discover how to check Course stats

How to Create and Manage a Certificate

Learn how to manage certificates

How to Embed Videos into Learning Object Text Boxes

Learn how to embed videos in text boxes for two types of learning objects.

How to Create and Manage A Course Survey

Learn how to create Surveys to find out what students think about the courses they are attending.

How to Manage Free Subscriptions and the Waiting List Feature

Discover how to manage free subscription for courses and the waiting list feature.

Test: How to Create a Test and Manage Question Types

Learn how to create and manage a test in for your E-Learning courses.

How to Create and Manage Courses

Learn how to create and manage courses quickly and easily.

How to Set Up Learning Object Properties and Prerequisites

Learn how to organize your training materials.