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Related Frequently Asked Questions

My training material is displaying strange or incorrect characters in the course player. Why?
This happens because there may be incorrect encoding in the package. All files must use UTF-8 encoding.
How can I run a test on tracking my CMI variables?
To run this kind of testing, reach your platform’s Advanced Settings area from the Admin Menu. In the Advanced tab, flag the option to Enable debug for Scorm API. Enabling this will print all the Scorm API calls in the browser console. Activating this option allows you to run a tracking test for your CMI variables.
Tracking for my package isn’t working as expected. Is it a problem in the LMS or on my end?
First, check if you’re having the same tracking issues when playing the package on SCORM cloud. If so, the issue may be related to the package itself. For SCORM packages, make sure that Docebo supports the version of the package (SCORM 1.2 or 2004 3rd edition). If the problem persists, open a Help Desk ticket.
Why doesn’t my content autoplay in the course player when using Google Chrome?
This may happen due to recent updates related to auto-playing content in Google Chrome. Refer to this article to learn more.
Why does my TinCan package return an error when I open it in the course player?
This is usually an issue related to the user trying to play the content in the LMS. Make sure that the LMS profile of the user trying to play the content has a valid email address.
My package works on SCORM Cloud, but not in my LMS. What’s the issue?
This usually is due to how you’ve set the training material to be played in the course player of your LMS. Make sure you’ve set the content to be played in full screen or new window mode.
Why is my training material appearing on a blank white screen when I try to play it?
You may need to check if your training material package is using Flash Player. If so, make sure your browser has Flash Player enabled. Alternatively, confirm that your training material is set to be played in full screen or new window mode, and check that all external resources are using HTTPS protocol.
Why am I unable to upload my SCORM, xAPI or AICC package?
There may be several reasons that you’re receiving an error message when trying to upload this kind of learning content into your platform. Check for these common mistakes that may help ease your upload process:
  • Check the security policies in your network for uploading files
  • Make sure your ZIP file does not contain a forbidden file type
  • For SCORM packages, check the package structure (for example, imsmanifest.xml must be in the root folder of the ZIP)
For Tincan xApi or AICC packages, if you receive the Name cannot be blank upload error, remember that the name tag cannot be blank in a tincan.xml file, as it’s mandatory in order for the LMS to create chapters in the platform, and must be populated for xAPI interactions.