Webinar On Demand

Driven by Innovation. Powered by AI.

It’s time to revolutionize online learning with generative AI. Reshape content, perfect automation, and drive efficiency. Witness the transformative potential, discover real-world applications, and explore the future possibilities of Generative AI in the learning environment with Docebo’s subject matter experts.

With the rapid pace of innovation in this sector, it’s essential to understand what Generative AI is and how it can reshape learning content and automation. Join us to discuss the factors driving the need for investing in people and automation, the development of next-gen Learning Management Systems (LMS) using Generative AI. We will explore:

  • Factors driving investment: Understanding the impact of depopulation, productivity, and the ‘Made by Me’ concept.
  • Next-gen Learning Management Systems: Leveraging Generative AI to build innovative LMS solutions.
  • Reshaping learning content: How Generative AI transforms the creation and delivery of learning materials.
  • Automation and efficiency: Harnessing Generative AI to streamline processes and enhance learning.
  • Docebo’s application of Generative AI: A demonstration of Generative AI in action for learning content development.