Webinar On Demand

How to enable business value with L&D

Join us and explore the fundamental strategies and tools that you need to harness data to demonstrate better business value.

Growth, transformation and talent are critical business priorities but how do L&D teams demonstrate the value that they can add?

Based on research of what high performing L&D teams do to achieve value, we will share practical steps and case examples on how you can build programs that drive a culture of learning and deliver business value.

Leveraging data to drive success
We will also share best practices on how to leverage data to drive success at key moments before, during and after a program delivery.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to set the guiding principles to build better impact
  • How to align L&D programs to business goals
  • Key considerations and pitfalls to avoid
  • Making sense of data that align to your business goals