How you can take your solutions to the next level by partnering with Docebo

Learning plays a key role in every organization’s success. As business leaders look for learning solutions, they often turn to their HCM provider for help. But not every HCM provider has robust learning solutions, and fewer know how to integrate learning into their customer environments or product frameworks.  

This learning product gap presents solutions providers with an opportunity. But, this opportunity comes with many obstacles as customer and employee workflows grow increasingly complex. So, how does a focused HCM organization quickly and effectively address a learning product gap? 

Well, you could develop a solution in-house (but that takes up valuable resources). Or, you could partner with an industry leader to integrate or directly embed critical learning capabilities and functionality. Rather than wasting time and money, strategic partnerships provide rapid ROI and increased revenue (including helping to win RFPs)—all while plugging the market gap and providing customers with the best possible solution.  

Join our open Q&A session with MHR as they share why they made the decision to implement and integrate Docebo. We’ll focus on what the process entailed and how the partnership progressed from MHR filling a product gap to becoming a market leader.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why companies are choosing to integrate learning solutions into their own product suites to enhance their own offerings
  • How integrations impact a company’s strategy 
  • How to onboard and integrate a new software solution into proprietary technology
  • What MHR did to enable the company to ensure a successful transformation  
  • How Docebo provides the tools and services needed successfully manage and sell LMS solutions


Presenter details

Hosts: Justin Hummel (Director, Platform Partnerships, Docebo) and Kurtis Larocque (Director, Partner Recruiting, Docebo)

Partner Panelist: Pete Marnoch (Head of Analytics and Learning Sales, MHR) One of the founding members in the formation of MHR’s specialist Analytics arm and responsible for onboarding and developing MHR’s Learning Suite – with particular focus and expertise in LMS, learning content, authoring and e-learning, supporting bolt-ons and overall strategy. Pete heads up the sales function for both Learning and Analytics solution streams.


Date: May 26, 2022
Time: 1:00PM EST
Duration: 60 minutes