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Increase Revenue and Retention with Customer Education

Why do 90% of companies see a positive return on their customer education investment? Because a customer who’s learning isn’t churning.

Customer education can have a critical impact on the overall customer experience. It can contribute to increased profits, better customer retention, and help differentiate your brand. With a strong customer education strategy, customers will better understand your products/services and use them to their full potential, leading to advocacy for your brand. It is all around a win-win situation for both parties.

In this webinar, Mike Byrne at Docebo, Roxana Talef, and Andreea Dragu at FintechOS, will share insights and best practices on how their organization successfully educates their customers and maximizes business impact and results.

During this session by Docebo, you will learn:

  • What’s driving the upsurge in external education programs
  • A real business case from FintechOS and learning experiences
  • Best practices and optimization techniques to increase the value of customer learning programs

Forrester, ‘Increase Revenue and Improve Customer Retention Through Customer Education Programs’, Intellum, 2019