Increasing Partner Engagement through Learning and Certification with PRM Software

Partner Engagement has become one of the most critical measurement criteria for Channel Managers to check relationship levels with different partners. Michael Reilly, CEO, and Greg Reffner, VP-Sales & Marketing of Vartopia share their experience in increasing Partner Engagement through learning and Certification inside PRM Software with Craig Gleason, Director of Partnership at Docebo

You will learn how –

*Training and certification of Partners helps to increase partner engagement

*Partner Training makes selling easy for Partners and achieves high sales targets

*You can tie SPIFF/commissions with Partner Training and Certification

*To use different KPIs to understand the impact of Partner Training and Certification

*To resolve common issues experienced during the implementation process of Partner Training & Certification

Details of Panelists

1) Michael Reilly, CEO Vartopia

Michael started his career as CEO of Foedus, a leading Reseller for VMWare in the early 2000’s. It was through his experience as a Reseller than he recognized the tremendous pain felt on both sides of the vendor/partner relationship. He started Vartopia in 2010 to create the channel industry’s only B2B Channel Marketplace, and since that time Vartopia has grown to power the most successful channels in the world.

2) Greg Reffner, VP-Sales & Marketing of Vartopia

Over the past 6 years Greg has participated in hundreds, if not thousands of conversations related to organizations looking to implement PRM software. It is through his experience while working with a partner of Vartopia that he met Michael Reilly. Recognizing the tremendous power of Vartopia, he joined Vartopia almost two years ago to lead the sales and marketing team.


Craig Gleason, Director of Partnerships at Docebo

Date: Nov 18, 2021
Time: 11:00AM EST
Duration: 60 minutes