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Hot trends in L&D for 2022 & 2023 🔥

If you’re wondering what’s hot (and what’s not) in Learning & Development right now, then you’ll want to watch this. 

David Perring (Director of Research for Fosway Group) and Hawley Kane (Director of Product for Docebo) sit down to discuss some of the latest trends in Learning & Development, including:

☄️Digital learning
☄️Hybrid workforces
☄️Skills & upskilling
☄️Social learning
☄️Tech integrations 

Tune in and get Fosway’s take on which trends are here to stay and which ones are (finally) going away. 

Host: Ronda Morra (Global Director of Public Relations and Communications, Docebo)
Panelist: David Perring (Director of Research, Fosway Group)
Panelist: Hawley Kane (Director of Product, Docebo)