Maximizing Learning and Business Intelligence with Docebo

There are many advantages to integrating your learning ecosystem, like enhanced training, better business insights, and automation—not to mentioned reduce L&D admin time. These are just a few of the benefits long-time Docebo customer Tufin realized by connecting their virtual labs, BI tools, and CRM with Docebo to get maximum value out of their LMS.

During this webinar, we’ll dive into this customer case study to explore how Tufin leveraged our robust and comprehensive APIs stack to unify their learning and business systems. We’ll also look at the business results they achieved by doing so.

After presenting this case study, we’ll share how you can leverage our new products, Docebo Connect and Docebo Learning Analytics, to bring your learning and business systems together for better results—just like Tufin did.

Join us, along with Tufin and iLearn, and discover how to:

– cut costs and save time with integrations and pre-built connectors
– plug learning into your enterprise tech stack to enhance your learning strategy
– spend less time on admin and more time on transformation
– tie your learning programs to bottom-line business results

Details of Panelists

Saul Jacobs – Managing Director, iLearn Group

Avigdor Book – Director of Training, Tufin


Federico Dondero – Senior Account Executive, Docebo

Date: Nov 24, 2021
Time: 11:00AM GMT+2
Duration: 60 minutes