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Smart Content Management with AI to Drive Learning Success

When it comes to corporate learning, the options and possibilities for sources of learning content are limitless. AI has a role to play in smart content management that goes beyond simple content authoring. Brandon Hall Group research has shown that most learning professionals believe that training content development is the single most likely use case of AI in HR in the short term, however AI can actually provide valuable assistance in choosing the right content for the right learner for the right purpose at the right time. The stakes have never been higher for learning teams. Now is the time to shore up your content management strategy.

It’s never been easier to create content. The advent of rapid authoring tools, the integration of content management capabilities within LMS systems, and the push towards the decentralization of learning within the business, the role of instructional designer in corporate learning is rapidly evolving.

How do learning teams navigate this rapidly evolving and complex environment? Jay Kolbenson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager of the Learn Platform from Docebo, joins Matt Pittman, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, to unpack the challenges and lay out a path forward.

This webinar addresses questions like:

  • How do you determine the best modality for your training programs?
  • What are trends and insights around training tools, technologies, and user generated vs externally sourced content approaches?
  • How will the role of the instructional designer or learning developer evolve in the age of AI and what complementary skills can you start to build now to prepare?
  • How can you better understand the complexities and challenges when evaluating AI solutions for your organization?