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Unlocking Your Learning Potential: The Learning Maturity Assessment Workshop

Are you curious about how your learning culture compares to the world’s leading learner-first organizations? Want to find out how you stack up against your peers?

Then join Docebo for this free, interactive workshop. 

Our learning experts will walk you through Docebo’s Learning Maturity Assessment Model, where you’ll participate in a self assessment to measure your learning program against benchmarks related to your company’s learning culture, tech stack, engagement, content strategy, and more. 

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know exactly where you fall on our learning maturity scale and walk away with tactical ideas, insights, and recommendations to level up your learning game.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Where your organization falls on Docebo’s Learning Maturity Assessment Model
  • What you’re nailing, and where you’re failing when it comes to learning metrics, engagement, technology, and content
  • How to elevate your learning game to create an integrated culture of learning
  • The best practices for evaluating your current learning program and uncovering the best opportunities for innovation



Scott Peacock, Director of Solutions Consulting, Docebo

Andrea Tucker, Manager of Revenue Enablement, Docebo