Fill Skills Gaps With Targeted Learning Interventions

Assign relevant learning assets to specific skills to close gaps

A simpler, more efficient approach to closing gaps and equipping your learners with the skills they need.

Define Skills And Learning Assets To Support Them

When you define a skill, Docebo allows you to assign learning assets that are relevant to developing it.

Assign specific learning content to skills
Close skill gaps with targeted training

Close Skills Gaps With Targeted Learning Interventions

When Docebo Perform detects a skills gap, it will automatically assign or suggest the right learning assets to fill it. These assets populate a Docebo channel (streams of learning assets of various formats and nature) guiding learners to resources they need to increase their proficiency levels in the skills where a gap has been detected.

Both Formal And Informal Modalities

The variety of learning assets supported by Docebo ensures learners have the right format and delivery mechanisms to make their experience as effective as possible. Perform helps you assign or suggest user-generated, expert-validated content that is most popular or highly-rated among peers, and has proven to increase competency levels related to specific skills.

Combine formal and informal training to fill skill gaps