Identify Skills Gaps At-A-Glance

Understand where skills gaps lie within your team and across the entire organization

Identify who is ready for their next business challenge and who might need some further refinement

Identify Where Gaps Lie For Each Team Member

Perform gives team managers visibility into their teams’ latest skills evaluations in a single click, including who has completed their evaluation, the skills referred to each role, and their learners’ level of proficiency with each necessary skill.

Generate skills gap reports for your team – Docebo LMS
Prioritize skills gap evaluations with proficiency levels for each skill

True Visibility Into Skills Gaps

Prioritize evaluations by assigning a rating value, giving L&D managers a clear and overall picture of skill gaps across the entire organization, such as the percentages of specific proficiency levels for each skill as it relates to each role.

Real Time, In-Depth Reporting

Identify how skills are distributed in your workforce in minute detail. Get visibility the roles in which skills gaps are larger, the employees that are the most skilled in specific areas, but could improve elsewhere, and identify roles with the most deficiencies.

Get real-time report on employee skills gaps – Docebo Perform