Set-Up and Manage Your Repository Of Skills And Roles

Define Roles and the Skills Needed to Support Them, then Link Them to Your Learning Assets

Import and customize our catalogue of 13,000+ skills to satisfy your organization’s unique needs

Set up Your Skills Repository

Do you have a vocabulary for the roles and the skills in your organization? Docebo Perform lets you create them from scratch or import them from existing systems and documents, such as CSV files, to create links between roles, the key skills needed to support each one, and the learning assets relevant to developing those skills.

Set up and manager learner skills in your LMS with Docebo Perform
Import a catalogue of 13,000+ skills to your LMS with Docebo Perform

Take Your Pick

Perform comes with a searchable database of over 13,000 pre-defined skills, grouped by occupation, in several languages – off the shelf. You can import any subset of these skills, and use them as they are or adapt them to satisfy specific needs.

Define Roles

Similarly to skills, roles in your organizations can be created directly in Perform or imported from existing systems or files. Perform includes an CSV utility that lets you connect skills to each role and related learning assets.

Define user roles in your company with Docebo Perform