How to Activate and Manage the MOOC Builder App

Discover how to create a MOOC with your Docebo platform

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December 1st, 2016

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Thanks to the flexibility of cloud technology and its integrated ecosystem, Docebo’s Learning Management System becomes an effective solution to develop Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). By activating the MOOC Builder APP, you will be guided through the necessary set up options, turning your platform into the right environment for Corporate MOOCs.

You will be able to automatically activate all the needed settings and APPs with the correct configurations.

Activating the MOOC Builder App

Login in as administrator and select APPS and features from the sidebar.

APPS and Features - menu ENG


The Docebo APPs are divided into five areas:

  • My APPs: all the APPs that you have already activated;
  • Single Sign On: all the APPs that activate a Single Sign On in combination with other software;
  • Additional features: all the APPs through which you can add functionalities to your platform;
  • Third party integrations: all the APPs that integrate your platform with third party software;
  • Web conferencing: all the APPs that integrate the LMS with Web conferencing software.

Additional features

You can also filter and choose APPS from a select area, either only the free APPs, or only the APPs available for a fee.

Note that during your trial period you can try all the APPs for free.

In order to activate the MOOC Builder APP , select the Additional features tab.

Choose the MOOC Builder APP and select the ACTIVATE APP button.


Read the information and Select again INSTALL NOW.


The APP has now been added to My APPS.

Managing the MOOC App

The system will ask which of the following settings and APPs you want to activate; make sure to tick the checkboxes related to the ones you want to use with your LMS.

Select any of the following to have the system automatically set up the relevant APPs for you:

– I want to have a public course catalog visible even to non registered users: this prompts the system to activate the Courses Catalog APP with a MOOCs configuration.

I want to enable self-registration to my LMS from the public page: this prompts the system to set up the Free Registration mode in your LMS.

– I want to sell my courses to end users: this prompts the system to activate the E-commerce APP.

– I want to create a more engaging environment for my users to increase user retention: this prompts the system to activate the Gamification APP.

Please keep in mind that both the E-commerce and Gamification APPs are paid APPs, and you will be charged the related costs accordingly.

You can also check out our blog post and manual to access interesting tips and tricks related to the management of a Corporate MOOC.