Configuring Adyen for the E-Commerce App

Configure the Adyen payment gateway for E-Commerce.

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April 21st, 2020

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The Adyen payment gateway is an authorized payment gateway for the E-Commerce App on your platform. Please note that in order to use this system, you need a valid merchant account on Adyen.

Please note that some currencies supported by Docebo may not be accepted by Adyen, so remember to check if your currency is supported by both systems before proceeding. Find here the complete list of the currencies supported by Docebo.

Begin by accessing the Admin Menu from the gear icon, then press the Manage item in the E-Commerce section. Select the Adyen tab. In the first section, flag the Enable option to enable this payment gateway in your platform. Then, use the corresponding text boxes to fill in the Merchant account, HMAC key and Skin Code:

  • Merchant Account. This field must be filled in with the account name provided by Adyen during the registration procedure.
  • HMAC Key. This field must be filled in with the same HMAC key used during the creation of the Adyen skin that is associated with the account.
  • Skin Code. This field must be filled in with the skin code of the skin created in the Adyen platform.
  • Single Page HPP (Hosted payment page). This flag allows the user to select between the ADYEN single payment page, which utilizes java and java scripts and may be incompatible with some browsers, and the multiple payment page, which is compatible with most browsers.

ayden settings

Then, flag whether you want a Single page HPP. If you want to test the configuration before using the real environment, you can flag the option to enable sandbox mode. Press Save Changes when finished.

Configuring Adyen for your Platform

To retrieve the required credentials from Adyen for the configuration, you need to log in to your Adyen admin account and create a new skin. Then, add the following information:

  • Description and the name of the project.
  • Result URLs with the return URL of the platform (see more below)
  • HMAC key. Choose a code or a word, which you will have to insert in the HMAC key field in Docebo as well.

Skin set up

Remember: When you are setting up the ADYEN skin, make sure to insert the return URL of the platform:

– If you are using the 7.0 theme:
– If you are using the 6.9 theme:

Note: you will need to substitute with your actual platform domain