How to Manage the Automation App

Create rules and triggers to make automated platform actions.

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October 22nd, 2018

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With Docebo’s Automation App, you can set specific rules and triggers in your platform in order to allow some processes to be automated. For example, you can automate the deactivation process.

This feature is very useful when you want to update the user list by uploading a file inserted into a specific FTP folder. This app is available for both Growth and Enterprise clients and it is only available for the platform version 6.8 or higher. This article will outline how to activate the app, set new rules and triggers, and how to update a user list using a file inserted into an FTP folder.

Activating the App

To activate the Automation App, log into your platform as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu from the gear icon at the top of the platform. Press the Apps & Features button in the Admin Menu.

automation activate

In the Apps & Features area, access the Docebo Additional Features tab, then find the Automation App in the list of apps and select the Activate App button. Read the information in the pop up box, then press Install Now. The app will now appear in your Admin Menu.

Creating an Automated Rule

To learn how to create an automated rule, refer to this article.

Managing Automated Rules

Once you’ve created a rule, it will appear in the list of rules on the main Automation page in your platform. Each row will display the rule name and the timing of the rule, if scheduled. Press the play button in the rule’s row to immediately trigger the rule in real-time.

automation main page

Press the check mark in the rule’s row to activate or deactivate the rule. A green check mark signifies an activated rule, and a grey check mark signifies a deactivated check mark.  You can also use the pen and paper icon to edit the rule, or the X icon to delete the rule from the LMS.