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Discover how to integrate your Docebo LMS with the videoconferencing platform BlueJeans

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September 25th, 2020

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For those using Bluejeans for web training, your Docebo learning platform can integrate with this videoconferencing platform, so your users can access live training sessions directly in webinar courses in their Docebo platforms.

More details about webinar sessions on mobile devices.

Please note that the integration is available for BlueJeans SaaS, and does not support on-premise deployments.

Activating the BlueJeans App in Docebo

To begin the integration, log into your LMS as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gear icon in the top right corner of your platform. In the Admin Menu, select the Add New Apps button. Then, select the Web Conferencing tab.

bluejeans activate

Find BlueJeans from the list of apps, then press the Activate App button in the app’s row. Read the description in the pop-up box, then press Install Now. You can now find the app in your Admin Menu.

Configuring Docebo in BlueJeans

Now, you need to configure Docebo in BlueJeans. To do so, log into your BlueJeans account, then proceed to this URL: On this page, make sure you are in the Group Settings tab, then select Add App. On the Create App page, add the following information:

  • Name: The name of the App (Example: “DoceboBlueJeans”).
  • Description: The description of the integration.
  • App Key: The app key that you create as preferred (Example: “Docebokey”).

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.03.16 PM

Once you’re finished, press Save. Now, on the Groups Settings page, your new app will appear in the apps list with the name, description, and app key that you created. Additionally, you will see the secret key. Then, enable the OAUTH ACCESS tab. You will copy all of this information into your Docebo learning platform to complete the integration.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.12.01 PM

Configuring BlueJeans in Docebo

Now, you can begin configuring BlueJeans in your platform by accessing the Admin Menu, then pressing the Manage item in the BlueJeans section. On the BlueJeans settings page, press the New Account button to add your BlueJeans account in your platform. Then, in the pop-up box, add your Account Name, App Key, App Secret, Webinar Tool Username, and Webinar Tool Password into the corresponding text boxes.

The account name, app key, and app secret are the information you saw in the app’s row in the list of your apps in BlueJeans. If you need to retrieve this information again, you can do so by logging into your BlueJeans account and proceeding to this URL.

bluejeans configure

The Webinar Tool Username and the Webinar Tool Password are your BlueJeans credentials that you enter to log into your BlueJeans account. You can add additional information as necessary. Finally, type in a quantity for the max number of sessions per course, the max total number of sessions for this account, and max number of concurrent rooms. Please note that the number of concurrent rooms is the one agreed on in your BlueJeans license. 

Please Note: BlueJeans account in federated mode with SSO is not supported in Docebo. If you have configured the SSO authentication in your Bluejeans page, when you try to create a BlueJeans session, you might receive the following error: “An error was returned from the API: ‘Incorrect user or password’”.

Please refer to the note above these textboxes: To allow an unlimited amount of sessions or meetings, enter “0” in the following fields. When finished, press Confirm. Now, your BlueJeans account has been integrated with your learning platform.

Now you can use the Meet-me (BlueJeans) web conferencing tool for webinars. To learn how to set up a webinar session, refer to this article. To select Meet-me (BlueJeans) as the web conferencing tool, select the option from the Tools dropdown menu when creating a webinar course. Then, select the BlueJeans account that will be used for the webinar or meeting.