How to Check Your Help Desk Requests

Check requests you’ve sent to Docebo’s Help Desk team.

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October 24th, 2017

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If you’re needing to contact Docebo’s Help Desk team for questions about your Docebo LMS, you can refer to this manual and video about how to do so from within your platform. This manual will show you how to view all of the requests you’ve submitted to the Help Desk team from your Superadmin account.

After you’ve submitted a ticket from the Communication Center in your platform, you can view the status of the ticket and any replies to the ticket by going to the following Zendesk link:

Please Note: The Help Desk team will only reply to your request in Zendesk. The replies will not appear in the Messages area of your Communication Center.

help desk sign in

Because you’ve already submitted a ticket to the Help Desk team, an account was created in Zendesk on your behalf. On the main Zendesk login page for Docebo, press the Sign In button in the top right corner.

In the pop up box, find the Have You Emailed Us? text, then press the Get a Password link. You then need to enter your email address into the corresponding text box. The email address you enter should be the email address of the Superadmin account in Docebo from which you sent your request.

help desk get a password

Press Submit when finished. Check your email account for an email with password reset instructions, and follow the guidelines until you’ve created a new password and entered your new viewing account in Zendesk. Once you’re signed into your newly-created Zendesk account, press your username in the top right corner, then select My Activities from the dropdown menu.

help desk my activities

On this page, you can flag whether you can see requests you’ve submitted, requests your following or cc’d on, and your contributions. You can also filter which requests you see in the list based on their status (open, awaiting your reply, solved) by using the corresponding dropdown menu on the right side of the page.

help desk list of activities

Use the search bar above the list of requests to find a specific request. For each request, you will see the request ID, subject, date of creation, time of the last activity, and the status of the request.

Please Note: On this page, you will only view the tickets that you have submitted from your Superadmin account. If your Docebo LMS has multiple Superadmin accounts for the platform (thus, multiple people submit requests to the Help Desk Team), you can submit a support request asking for permission to view all requests submitted by all Superadmins for the platform, rather than just your own requests. To access a request you’ve submitted, press the name in the Subject column for the request’s row. Once you open the request, you can see all activity related to it.