Checking Salesforce Logs in Docebo

Monitor data synchronization through logs

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December 10th, 2019

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All the activities related to the configuration and the synchronization between Docebo and Salesforce are logged in the platform. This article will help you in understanding how to extract the information  you need from them. In order to check them, access the Admin Menu from the gear icon, find the Salesforce section, and press Manage.

Move now to the Logs tab.

Checking Logs

The Logs tab lists all the actions logged into the system related to synchronization and configuration activities.

By default, events are ordered chronologically according to the Date column (logged action timestamp), but you can sort them differently by clicking on the column name. The User ID column shows the name of the user performing the action, and the type of action is identified in the Action column. The Target User column is populated only when the action involves a user, such as the user creation with the Just in Time provisioning.

You can filter logs by date by clicking on the filter icon to select a timeframe for your search.

As an option, you can use the search area to look for specific terms in the log Action field, which provides information on the action performed (creation, editing, background job) and on the action target (webinar, ILT course, configuration, etc). As an example, type course to look for logs linked to courses (creation, editing, deletion, etc.), type background to look for logs related to background jobs, settings to look for logs on configuration changes and user to look for actions affecting users.

Click on the ellipsis icon at the end of the log entry you are interested in, and select View Details to obtain more information on the event tracked in the log. Details are shown in the right panel that will open. From here, you can download the log in JSON format by clicking on Download Log on in the bottom right corner.
If the selected action generated errors, the Download CSV button will be available, together with the job information hash, for you to download the log in CSV format.