Configuring and Managing the Course Player

Learn about the course player and how to configure the course overview page

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July 23rd, 2020

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This article outlines how to use and manage the course overview page and the course player page in your platform.

Using the Course Player Page

The course player is the main element of the course page, and allows learners to view the learning content you have prepared for them. The list of all of the learning objects included in the course is on the player right side, in a table of contents. The table of content can be hidden by pressing the panel button in the top right corner.

Once a learning object is selected, its description is displayed under the player. Press the Play button in the middle of the player to start playing your object, or click on one of the available learning objects to switch to other contents.

When a learning object is completed, it will be identified with a green checkmark, while an orange checkmark is displayed when it is still in progress. If you have configured course widgets for your course, they will be displayed under the player. If the course overview page is active, all course widgets are displayed there.

If you’ve assigned the course to a content partner using the Content Partners app, the content partner’s banner can also be displayed on this page.

Please note:  the course player does not support videos with less than 3 FPS (Frames per Second).

Activating the Course Overview Page

Docebo allows you to configure the course overview page, a page shown to learners when they select a course, before the course player page. When the overview page is active, all the course widgets are displayed on this page instead of the course player page, and the course content is moved to the Content tab. This configuration may help learners to focus on the course content, leaving all additional information on a separate page.

The course overview page can be set at a global or local level, meaning you can activate the overview page for all courses, or at course level. The overview page is available for all course types: E-Learning, ILT Classroom, and Webinar. While it is optional for E-Learning courses, it is mandatory for ILT Classroom and Webinar courses.

To activate the overview page globally for all courses, access the Admin Menu, then select the Configuring Branding & Look option in the Settings section. In the Course Player section, flag the option to set the course overview page globally for all courses in the Course Starting View section. If you want to deactivate the overview page for specific courses, you can do so at a local level.

To activate the overview page option locally, access your Admin Menu, then click on Course Management in the E-Learning area. Find the course in the list of courses, click on its description and move to the Advanced Properties tab. In the Course Player tab, flag the option to enable a custom course starting page for the course in the Course Starting Page view. Then, below, flag the option to enable the course overview page. Press Save Changes when finished.

The course player overview page is now active for the selected course. Remember that local configurations always take priority on global configurations.

Once the overview page is active for a course, learners will see this page before accessing the course player page. The overview page displays the course thumbnail and any other details configured upon creating the course. The learner should press the Start Learning Now button in order to access the course player or click on any chapter in the Content tab.