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Learn how to create and manage your team as a manager

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May 27th, 2020

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As a manager, you can monitor the activity of your team members directly in your platform by managing parts of their learning experience or contacting them to investigate certain situations.

Depending on how the Superadmin has configured the platform, you may be able to build your team by sending requests to users to confirm you as their manager. Users will be added to your team only when they accept your request for the association. Additionally, if you have permission to build your team, you can also remove them from your team. As a manager, you can also enroll users in courses and learning plans.

Using the My Team Page

If you have at least one team member assigned to you in at least one organization chart, you can open the Main Menu from the top left corner of your platform and press the My Team item to access the My Team Page. This page shows all of the users on your team.

Every user is identified by a card. Cards are sorted in the My Team page as follows:

– Users in pending status. These users have received your request to be part of your team, but they have not answered yet. They are sorted according to the request date, from the oldest to the newest request.

– Confirmed users. These users have accepted your request, and are effective members of your team. They are sorted according to the date they approved the request, most recent approvals first.

– Imported users. These users have been imported into the platform and are effective members of your team. They are sorted according to the import date, most recently imported users first.

Every card shows the user’s first and last name, avatar, and the following KPIs:

– Number of overdue courses. Courses where the user’s enrollment date has expired with either with a soft or a hard due date.

– Expired certifications. Certifications that have expired. This KPI is shown in the card only when the Certifications & Retraining App is active in the platform.

– Skill gaps. This KPI shows the number of skills where the user has a gap.

Please note that KPI values show the number of courses with expired enrollments, the number expired certifications and the number of skill gaps, meaning that a KPI with a value different from 0 identifies a warning. For example, if the user has an expired certification and a skill gap, then his/her KPIs will be 0-1-1 and will result in a warning. When a KPI value is not available, the KPI entry is not shown in the card.

You can press either the Expired Certifications or the Overdue Courses items in the cards of your team members and of their team members to view the corresponding areas in the User Personal Summary. In the user card, click on User Summary to access the main page of the User Summary of the selected team member, in view mode.

By default, the My Team Page shows all active LMS users, independently from their status, but you can use the Filters panel to filter them in order to see only users with warnings or specific working association statuses and use the search bar to look for specific users. Use the Filters panel to filter users in order to see only those with warnings or specific working association statuses, and use the search bar to look for specific users.

Every user is displayed only once on the My Team page. If the user is linked to at least one functional manager (other than the mandatory manager), an exclamation mark is displayed next to the user’s name. Hover your mouse over the exclamation mark icon to see a tooltip listing all association types that the user has in the platform.

If your team member has at least one team member in your same hierarchy tree, the View Team link will be displayed in the card. Press this link to see the people included in the team of the selected team member. Similarly, you can navigate the sub-levels related to your associations’ hierarchy.

Other than showing user details, cards also help you in understanding whether a user’s status in the platform needs your attention with colored alerts and warning messages. Alerts are bases on KPIs values:

– Heads Up. This alert identifies users that may require your attention because they have three KPIs with a value higher than one (such as 1 course with expired enrollment, 2 expired certifications, and 2 skill gaps).

– Take a Look. This alert identifies users with at least one KPI having a value higher than one, such as 1 expired certification.

– Looks Good. This message identifies users with a good status when ALL KPIs are set to 0, meaning that the user has no course with expired enrollment, no expired certification, and no skill gaps.

– No Data Available. This message is shown when the user has no available data to show in these KPIs, perhaps because the user is new and no data has been recorded yet. In such a situation, a message will be displayed in the team member card, to prompt you to take action, and launch his/her learning experience.

To contact the user via email, press the ellipsis icon in the user’s card and select Send Email. A slideout panel will open with the user’s email address automatically filled in.

Type the email subject (this field is mandatory), then add your message into the corresponding text field and press Send Email to complete the action. Please note that the Send Email option is not available when there is no email address associated with the user and that the email address of the recipient cannot be modified.

Use the Remove from Team option of the ellipsis menu to remove the user from your team. When a user is removed, you will no longer see his or her card in the My Team page, and you will have to send a new request to users to place them back in your team.

Enrolling Team Members to Content

As a manager, select Enroll to Content from the ellipsis menu in the user card for your direct team members (not for the users belonging to the teams of your team members) to open a slideout panel listing the free courses (e-learning, ILT, and webinars) and the free learning plans of the catalogs assigned to you, in which you would like to enroll the user(s).

All the courses included in the catalogs assigned to you are listed in the slideout panel (and are available for selection) individually. The platform artificial intelligence engine will provide you with suggestions on the best courses for the selected user: up to five courses are shown on top of the list, identified as Suggested. Please note that artificial intelligence suggestions are tailored on single users, and are not available when multiple users are selected.

Make your selection and press Next to see the additional fields defined for the selected courses and learning plans (if any) and a recap of the courses into which you are enrolling your team member.

Please note that it is not possible to enroll users to learning plans if they are already enrolled, and to courses when they are full, before and after the course enrollment period and for the courses where only Superadmins have enrollment permissions. When assigning a user to a learning plan, you will assign him or her to the whole learning plan (to all of the courses included in the learning plan). Please note that courses from the Marketplace will not be listed here.

You can enroll a user to up to 10 learning plans and up to 50 courses at a time. When enrolling a user in learning plans, the number of courses included in the learning plan does not affect the counting on the number of courses. If, for example, you are enrolling the user to 7 learning plans, each one made up of 50 courses, the user will be enrolled in 350 courses. A background job will be started if the number of selected users multiplied by the number of courses exceeds 100 enrollments. Press Confirm to complete the action.

In case of errors, a warning message will be shown at the bottom of the My Team page, with a link to the enrollment log file. Click on the View Logs link, a right panel will open listing the courses where the enrollment ended with errors.

Please note that if a course in a catalog has an active waiting list, and the course has reached the maximum number of enrollable users, the user is placed in the course waiting list.

Please note that managers that are not Superadmins or Power User can only select up to 100 users at a time. When they use the Select All option, if the selected users are more than 100, the Remove and the Send Email options will be greyed out.

Performing Operations on a Selection of Users

You may need to perform the same action for more than one user. To do so, select users by pressing their avatars in their cards, then choose an action from the Choose Action dropdown menu in the footer of your platform. From this menu, you can send an email to the users, enroll them to content, remove them from your team, or export the selected team members’ data via CSV. You can perform these massive actions both for your direct team members and for their team members, individually.

In case of errors, while enrolling multiple users to content, a warning message will be shown at the bottom of the My Team page, with a link to the enrollment log file. Click on the View Logs link, a right panel will open listing the enrollment ended with errors.

Managers that are not Superadmins or Power Users can only select up to 100 users at a time. When they use the Select All option, if the selected users are more than 100, the Remove and the Send Email options will be greyed out.

When selecting the option to export users, a slideout panel will open. Select the field separator, then flag whether you want to include the names of the columns in the first row of the file. Below, flag which user team member fields you want to include in the file. Please note that the username field is always included in the list. When you’re ready, press the Confirm button. A download of your file will automatically begin.

Creating Your Team

Depending on how your Admin has configured your platform, you may have the ability to use the My Team page to build your team. If you have permission to do so, a plus button will be visible in the top right corner of the page. Please refer to this article for further information on how to configure permission as a Superadmin or Power User.

To add members to your team, press the plus button. In the slideout panel, insert the email address of the team member you would like to add to your team, then select the type of association you would like to create with him or her. Press Add Team Members to complete the action. The user will then be asked to confirm your request for association upon his or her next login to the platform. Please note that the team member must have a valid email address associated with his/her account in order to be added to a team.

After your request has been sent, the association status will be Pending until the user either confirms or refuses the request. When the user confirms your association, the user’s card will then be shown in the My Team page. If the user refuses your request, the user’s card will no longer be visible. Please note that if a user confirms a request for association from another manager that has the same manager type as you after confirming your association, your association will be terminated.

In order to monitor the status of your requests, you may receive notifications confirming that team members have accepted your request, or to inform you that a Superadmin or Power User is asking you to check the status of your team members because your association request is in pending status.