Salesforce: Deeplinking and Search Results

Manage courses and learning plans deeplinks and override the search results

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September 28th, 2020

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Learners using Docebo embedded into Salesforce may not be familiar with the platform and on how to get to the course or learning plan they are assigned to. Using the deep links or easing their search in the Salesforce global search can help them in finding what they are looking for quickly.

This article provides you with some instructions on how to use deep links in your Salesforce main organization and in your Salesforce communities, as well as on how to override the Salesforce Global Search results in order to redirect users to the course they searched by description. 

Course and Learning Plan Deeplinking – Classic and Lightning Experience

As a Superadmin, you may want to provide your users with the deep-link of a course or a learning plan, to make sure they are redirected to the right page of the embedded platform.

The course deep-link must be created manually, according to the following rule: 

[salesforce_tab_url]/?c__deeplink=course/learning plan slug

Here is an example of deep-link:


You can find the course/learning plan slug in a non-embedded instance of  Docebo by opening the course or the learning plan page in and copying it from the page URL, or in Docebo Custom Objects:

Course -> docebo_v3__Course__c.docebo_v3__Deeplink__c 

Learning Plan -> docebo_v3__LearningPlan__c.docebo_v3__Deeplink__c

Please note that the deep-link functionality is available for the Docebo LMS tab only, not for the Docebo Admin tab, both for Classic and Lightning Experiences. Deeplinking with Salesforce Classic only works with the Salesforce tab included in the integration, while deep-linking on Lighting Experience (including communities) only works with the Lightning Component tab.

Overriding the Salesforce Search Results Page

By default, when searching for a course from the Salesforce Global Search, results are shown in the Salesforce Search Results page. In order to redirect your learners directly to the page of the course upon searching for its description, you have to override the search results page with a Visualforce page included in the Docebo installation package.

To do so, access the Object Manager page, select the Course object and select Edit from the dropdown menu at the end of the object row. Move to the Buttons, Links and Actions section in the left menu, look for the View option and select Edit from the dropdown menu at the end of the row.

Set the Salesforce Classic Override to Visualforce Page and select DoceboLMS [docebo_v3__DoceboLMS]. Make sure that the Lighting Experience Override configuration is set to Use the Salesforce Classic override. Click on Save to confirm your changes. Now, when searching for a course, you will be automatically redirected to its page.