Uploading AICC Standard Learning Objects

Learn how to upload and manage AICC content to courses

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July 23rd, 2020

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The Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) E-Learning standard uses the HTTP AICC Communication Protocol (HACP) to permit the exchange between course content and the LMS. The HACP method uses an HTML form to send information to the LMS, while the LMS sends information back to the course as a text string.

Uploading AICC Content as Learning Objects

In order to upload AICC content as a learning object for your course, login to the platform as a Super admin and access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the platform. In the E-Learning section, select the Course Management item. Look for the course for which you would like to upload the AICC learning object and click on its description, then move to the Training Material tab. From here, select the Add Training Material button, then select AICC from the dropdown menu.

Please Note: AICC content can be uploaded as training material only into e-learning courses.

On the next page, select the Upload File button, then select a package from your computer. You can also set and modify the launch modality of the object for desktop, tablets, and smartphones. Finally, move to the Additional Info tab to add a short description of the text, then select or upload a thumbnail. In this tab, you can also add tags to your learning object to improve its searchability in your platform’s global search. Some tags may be automatically generated based on the content of your asset, as understood by your platform using artificial intelligence; note that this only works for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese content and it may require a few minutes: you’ll receive a notification once the artificial intelligence engine has tagged your object. You can edit or remove tags at any time, with a limit of 15 tags per learning object. When you’re finished, press Save Changes.

You can also upload an AICC file into the Central Learning Object Repository (CLOR), and the object can be versioned. Please refer to the corresponding CLOR manual linked in this paragraph to learn more about this process.

AICC Content Requirements

Please adhere to the following requirements and standards when uploading AICC packages into your LMS:

  • CMI001 – AICC/CMI Guidelines For Interoperability (Version 4.0)
  • Communication Protocol: HACP (HTTP Communication Protocol)
  • Level of Complexity Implemented: Level 1: Basic structure of course, location, description, implied order.
  • Must be imported as a ZIP package. The configuration files of the AICC package must be in the root of the ZIP file.
  • File size limitation: 800 MB
  • The platform does not accept packages including files with the following extensions: htaccess, phps, php5, php4, ph3, php, cgi, sh, shtml, asp, aspx, jsp, py, rb, pl.