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How to manage the File download widget

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Docebo Knowledge Base > Course management > How to manage the File download widget

How to manage the File download widget

Discover how to create a dedicated section on the platform where you can upload material, and allow users to also upload and download material they want to share with each other.

In addition to the standard training material, you can enrich your course further with new resources and modules that you can choose from a rich set of widgets, including the File download widget. This widget allows you to activate a dedicated section in which you can ‘drop’ materials and allow users to upload and download materials they want to share.

Access the course you want to edit and select the ADD COURSE WIDGETS button. Choose File download area from the list and define the size of the widget. Select Save changes to complete the process.


In order to allow users to upload and share files in this area, select the settings icon and manage the options accordingly.


You can set a maximum number of files that each user can upload in this area.

Users limit

The goal is to create a new section, independent from the standard materials area, which can be used by users to download attachments quickly and easily.