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Combine your Docebo platform with Microsoft Teams

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February 5th, 2021

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For those using Microsoft Teams for collaboration and for web training, Docebo can integrate with this tool, so your users can access live training and collaboration sessions directly in webinar courses in their platforms.

You must have an active Microsoft Teams account (not a trial account) and remain in agreement with the terms and conditions in your contract in order to successfully configure this integration.

More information about webinar sessions on mobile devices.

Please note that the integration is available for Microsoft Teams SaaS, and does not support on-premise deployments.

Activating the Microsoft Teams App in Docebo

To activate the Microsoft Teams app in your platform, log into your platform as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the homepage. At the top of the Admin Menu, press the Add New Apps button, then reach the Web Conferencing tab.

activating microsoft teams

In this tab, find the Microsoft Teams app in the list of apps, then press the Try it for Free button in the app’s row. Now, read the information in the pop-up box and press Try it for Free again. The app is now active on your platform.

Creating and Configuring the Docebo App in Microsoft Teams

To configure Docebo in Microsoft Teams, sign in to Microsoft Azure and click on App Registration in the Azure Services area. If you do not see this option listed, look for it in the portal global search. Click now on New Registration and define a name for your app.

creating an app in MS teams

Move now to your Docebo platform to create your Microsoft Teams account. Log in as a Superadmin and access the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gear icon. Find the Microsoft Teams section and select the Manage subitem. On the settings page, click New Account in the top right corner of the page.

Now, copy the Microsoft Teams OAuth redirect account URL shown on the top of the right panel and paste it in the Redirect URI (optional) field, in the Microsoft Teams account creation area. Click on Register to complete the app creation.

app registration in microsoft teams

Microsoft Azure has created a page for your app. The Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID displayed in the Essentials area of the page are needed for the creation of the Microsoft Teams account in Docebo. Move to the Certificates & Secrets tab listed in the Manage menu in the page left menu to generate the Client Secret, also needed for the creation of your Microsoft Teams account in Docebo.

In the Client Secrets section, click on New Client Secret. In the pop-up box, set a name for your Client Secret, and sets its expiration to Never. Click Add to confirm and calculate the Client Secret ID.

Copy the Secret Value and store it in a safe place, as you will not be able to retrieve it again after leaving this page.

creating the client secret in ms teams

Move now to the API Permissions tab, click on Add Permissions and on Microsoft Graph, in the Commonly used Microsoft APIs list. Click now the Delegated Permissions option, and select:

  • the offline_access option in the OpenID permissions menu
  • the OnlineMeetings.ReadWrite option in the OnlineMeetings menu

Click on Add Permissions to complete the configuration. Move now to Docebo to complete and activate the integration.

adding API permissions

Configuring Microsoft Teams in Docebo

Move back to your Docebo platform where you have previously started the Microsoft Teams account creation. In the right panel, type your account name and description, then paste the Client ID, the Tenant ID and the Client Secret generated for the app you have created in Microsoft Azure. Select the session type; either Meeting or Event depending on the type of events you will manage with the account you are creating. Please note that you can create and manage multiple Docebo accounts with the same Microsoft Team account by creating multiple apps in Microsoft Teams.

configuring ms teams in docebo

Define the maximum number of sessions allowed per course (up to 999), the maximum number of sessions that this account can manage, and the maximum number of concurrent rooms. Please note that the number of concurrent rooms is the one agreed on in your Microsoft Teams license.

Press Create when you’re finished. You will be redirected to Microsoft Teams for the app pairing. Once the account is paired, you can webinar sessions for ILT courses.

Managing Your Microsoft Teams Account in Docebo

You can re-execute the pair between the Microsoft Teams account you have created in Docebo with your Microsoft Teams account at any time. To do so, log in Docebo as the user who configured the account to be paired, access the Microsoft Teams settings page from the Admin Menu, look for your account in the list of configured accounts, click on the ellipsis menu at the end of the account row, and select Pair. This operation may take a few seconds to be completed.

At any time, you can edit the details of your account by clicking on the ellipsis menu at the end of the account row, and selecting Edit. You can delete your account by selecting Delete from the same ellipsis menu.

managing ms teams accounts

When editing the Client ID, the Tenant ID and the Client Secret of your account, you need to re-synchronize it with Microsoft Teams. To do so, select the Pair option after saving your changes.