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Discover how to integrate your Docebo LMS with Optimizely

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November 30th, 2016

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Your can integrate your Docebo LMS with Optimizely, which allows you perform A/B testing (split testing) and add Javascript to your platform.

Please note that we recommend that you do not use customized CSS and Optimizely at the same time on your platform. However, if you have configured CSS using Docebo’s Branding and Look & Feel, you want to make sure you have saved all changes and customized the CSS BEFORE using Optimizely on your platform.

Activating the Optimizely App in your LMS

Begin by logging into your platform as the Superadmin, then select the Apps & Features item from the left sidebar.

optimizely apps and features

Then, select the Third party integrations tab. Find Optimizely in the list of apps in this tab, then press the Activate App button in the app’s row.

optimizely Activate

Read the information and Select Install Now.

optimizely Install now

The app has now been added to your Admin Menu. Scroll your mouse over the gears icon in the left sidebar to access the email, then find the Optimizely section and press the Manage subitem. On the main management page for Optimizely, flag the option to Enable the app, then press Save Changes.

enable flag

You will also see the box below that allows you to add a JS code from Optimizely. To do so, let’s take a look at the integration from Optimizely’s side.

Configuring your Integration in Optimizely

Begin by logging into your Optimizely account. Then, on the homepage, press the New Experiment button.

optimizely new exp

In the pop up box, type in the name of your new experiment, then enter the URL of your platform. Please note that you should log into your LMS before entering the URL into the corresponding text box in Optimizely. You should have active logins in two tabs on the same browser, one in your Docebo LMS and one in Optimizely.

Then, press Create Experiment. You will then be redirected to the Editor for the new experiment. To learn more about editing your Docebo platform in Optimizely, please refer to the Optimizely Knowledge Base. Once you’re finished editing your platform and you have saved your changes, press the Start Experiment button in the top right corner of the page.

optimizely start experiment

Starting the experiment will make the interface live on your platform. Now, you need to copy the JS code from the pop up box and paste it into the corresponding text box on the management page for the Optimizely app in your LMS (you can refer to the steps in the first section of the manual if you need to reminder of how to access that page).

Now, any time that you make a change in the Optimizely editor, make sure that you Save Changes to an existing project before trying to view it on the platform. Likewise, every time you make a new change in an experiment that is already embedded into your platform, it’s recommended to log out of your LMS, clear the cookies and cache in your browser, then log back into the platform to view the changes.

Audience Targeting and A/B Testing for your Platform

You can also use audience targeting and perform A/B testing on your Docebo LMS with Optimizely. By doing so, you can create an audience to deicide which users see the platform that has been changed in Optimizely, and the platform that doesn’t show the Optimizely changes.  To learn how to perform these actions in Optimizely, please refer to this manual in the Optimizely Knowledge Base.