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January 3rd, 2019

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The PENS (Package Exchange Notification System) App streamlines the development and publishing process for authoring courses. PENS is a standard that provides a protocol for authoring tools to directly send courses packages to an LMS.

Please note that you must activate this app if you want to integrate any authoring tool, (such as Lectora®) with your LMS. This means that any authoring tool in which you would like to integrate with Docebo MUST support the PENS protocol.

This app will be automatically configured when you integrate an authoring tool with your LMS from the APPs & Features section. Once the authoring tool app has been activated on your platform, you will see a PENS tab in the Advanced Settings area of the Admin Menu.

Managing the PENs App

To manage the app, access the Admin menu, then press the Advanced Settings item under the Settings section. On the Advanced Settings page, select the PENS tab. To add a PENS app, press the Add Application button on the top of the PENS page.

In the pop up box, type the application name and description. The Application ID, User ID, and Password will be provided by your LMS. In the Category drop down menu, select in which category in the Central Learning Object Repository you would like learning objects from this application to be placed.


When you’re finished, press ConfirmThe application will now appear in the list of PENS applications on the PENS page. In the application’s row in the this list, you will see the information you added for the application, as well as icons to edit or delete the application.

To activate the authoring tool application on your LMS, click on the checkmark in the application’s row, changing it from grey to green (and vice-versa, you can click on the checkmark to turn it from green to grey to disable the app).

Please Note: The PENS app cannot be deleted by a Superadmin. It’s also important to note that learning objects created by authoring tools using the PENS standards do not support object versioning in the Central Learning Object Repository.