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December 1st, 2016

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By integrating your Docebo LMS with Zendesk, you can use a support ticketing system and the built-in Knowledge Base capability in Zendesk. When this integration is enabled in your Docebo platform, both users and Superadmins will find a new pop up within the LMS that provides quick access to Zendesk embeddable components, including a contact form, live chat, and the Knowledge Base search functionality.

Activating and Configuring the Zendesk App in Docebo

To activate the app, log into your Docebo platform as the Superadmin, then select the Apps & Features option from the bottom half of the left sidebar.

zendesk apps and Features

Once on the Apps & Features page, select the Third party integrations tab from the tab menu on the left side of the page. Find the app in the list of apps in this tab, then select the Activate App button in the app’s row. Read the information in the pop up box, then select Install Now.

Install now Zendesk

Now, the app is active in your LMS, and you can begin the configuration. Access the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gears icon in the left sidebar. Then, find the Zendesk section in the menu and select the Settings subitem. On the Settings page, flag the option to enable the app and insert the JS code provided by Zendesk into the corresponding text box. When finished, press Save Changes.

Zendesk option

How to Get the JS Code

In order to get your JS code for this integration, log into your Zendesk Administrator account, then select the Web Widget button from the home page.

zendesk web widget

Now, press the Set Up button and select your preferences. You can include the contact form, the chat function, and/or the help center in the widget. You can configure your widget later, if desired, by pressing the gears icon in your menu sidebar, then pressing the Widget item. Once finished, you can get your JS code. When you press the Do It Yourself option, you’ll find the JS code that you need to insert into the Settings page for the Zendesk app in your LMS.

zendesk setupOnce you’ve copied and pasted the JS code into your Docebo platform, and pressed Save Changes, you can view the final outcome of the integration. In your platform, you will see the Help button in the bottom right corner of your page.

zendesk Help

Users, Power users, and Superadmins can access the help pop up section to get in touch with the Help Desk, according to the tools enabled in the widget settings within Zendesk.

zendesk write message

Any subsequent message will be received through the Zendesk ticket system, then processed by your Help desk specialist.

zendesk Ticket in Zendesk

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