How to Activate and Manage the Labels App

Discover how to classify courses quickly and easily through labels.

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December 1st, 2016

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Docebo allows you to customize the My Courses widget through labels, a simple tool that will help you classify the courses quickly and easily. This article will explain how to use labels to organize courses graphically.

Activating the Labels App

Login in as administrator and select APPS and features from the sidebar.

APPS and Features - menu ENG

The Docebo APPs are divided into five areas:

  • My APPs: all the APPs that you have already activated;
  • Single Sign On: all the APPs that activate a Single Sign On in combination with other software;
  • Additional features: all the APPs through which you can add functionalities to your platform;
  • Third party integrations: all the APPs that integrate your platform with third party software;
  • Web conferencing: all the APPs that integrate the LMS with Web conferencing software.

Additional features

You can also filter and choose APPS from a select area, either only the free APPs, or only the APPs available for a fee. Note that during your trial period you can try all the APPs for free. In order to activate the Labels APP , select the Additional features tab. Choose the Labels APP and select the ACTIVATE APP button.


Read the information and select ACTIVATE NOW.


The APP has now been added to My APPS.

Creating a New Label

  • Login as administrator;
  • select Admin from the sidebar;
  • select Label   from the APPS menu.

In order to create a new label select the Create button.

Select an Icon, the  label color, click on the colored square and choose the color  from the set: just  roll your mouse over the circle to choose the type of color and select the tone by clicking on the square. You can also write the color code in the related box, if you know exactly which one is.

Select the language in which you want to create the label.

Assign a name and a description to the label. 

Create a Label

Please note that labels are only visible in the current language set on the system. If you’re using multiple languages, remember to assign more than one language to your labels, writing the relative translation of each title and description.

If you want to assign another language to the label, just select a new language and write the related  title and description.

Select CONFIRM to complete the operation.


Through the menu icons at the bottom of the line of each label you can:

  • edit the order of the labels;
  • edit color,icon, title and description or add a new translation;
  • delete the label.


Associating a Label to Courses

In order to assign a label to an existing course follow these steps:

– select Courses from the Admin menu;

– select the course you want to assign the label and click on the related edit icon;

– click on Advanced settings;

– open the label dropdown menu and choose the label you want to assign to the course.

Remember to select the SAVE CHANGES button.

Assign a label

Don’t forget to activate the labels also on the My courses widget: select the Dashboard layout item form the Admin menu and edit the users dashboard.

Select the Use labels to group courses option and Save changes.

Manage dashboards

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