Managing the Admin Dashboard

Learn how to view your platform’s most common activities.

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September 1st, 2020

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The Admin dashboard is a simple panel tool that provides you with a preview of learner activities and course statistics.

Accessing the Dashboard

To view the dashboard, log into your platform as the Superadmin. Scroll your mouse over the gear icon in the top right corner of the platform, then select Dashboard from the E-Learning section.

Le’ts go though the areas available in the dashboard.

Reports and Alerts

The first section of the dashboard is dedicated to reports and alerts. Use this area to view or download one of the available reports and to check if there are courses with no enrolled user, with no training material, or courses that nobody has completed.

At the top of this section, use one of the available time filters, or set a time range for alerts. In the Reports area, select a report and click on the magnifying glass icon to view it, or on the arrow icon to download the report in XLS, CSV, or HTML format.

Under the Reports and Alerts area, you will find the following graphs:

Recent Activities. This graph shows user accesses and course completion. Hover your mouse over the lines in the chart to see the colors of the line and the number of users at each peek. The number of sessions refers to the number of times any user entered a course and accessed its training material.

Course and Learners Status. This graph shows the status of courses and users in the platform. These percentages refer to the entire user database and to all of the courses in the platform.

–  Courses with Waiting Users. This graph lists the courses with users in their waiting list, including their number. Click on the course title to be redirected to that course’s Waiting List page, where you can approve or reject the waiting users.

– Most Popular, Least Completed and Most Completed Courses. These charts show the three courses with the highest number of subscribed users, the three courses with the lowest percentage of completion, and the three courses with the highest percentage of completion (respectively).

Discover, Coach & Share Overview Graph

If the Discover, Coach & Share module is active in your platform, your Admin Dashboard will also show the Discover, Coach & Share Overview section. This section displays a summary line chart of questions asked, answers given, assets shared, and assets viewed. Statistics can be shown with a daily and weekly timeframe. The area dedicated to Coach & Share also includes two boxes displaying the top three best contributors in your platform, as well as the top three most-watched assets.

When accessing the Admin Dashboard as a Power User, the statistics that are shown in this section only includes users assigned to the Power User profile.