Docebo for Teleskill

Combine your Docebo LMS with Teleskill.

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July 19th, 2017

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This brief manual is intended to show you how to combine your Docebo LMS with the videoconferencing platform Teleskill.

By activating this APP, all subscribed users will be able to access a live training session directly from your course page.

However, you can only activate this APP if you have a Teleskill account, and have agreed to the use limit outlined in your contract.

Log in to your LMS as administrator  and click APPS and Feature from the sidebar.

APPS and Features - menu ENG

The Docebo APPs are divided into five areas:

  • My APPs: all the APPs that you have already activated;
  • Single Sign On: all the APPs that activate a Single Sign On in combination with other software;
  • Additional features: all the APPs through which you can add functionalities to your platform;
  • Third party integrations: all the APPs that integrate your platform with third party software;
  • Web conferencing: all the APPs that integrate the LMS with Web conferencing software.

You can also filter and choose APPS from a select area, either only the free APPs, or only the APPs available for a fee.

In order to activate the Teleskill APP, select the Web Conferencing tab.

Web Conferencing APPs

Choose the Teleskill   APPand select the ACTIVATE APP button.


Read the information and Select again ACTIVATE NOW.


The APP has now been added to My APPS.

Teleskill GO TO MY APPS

 Click on the SET-UP icon and choose your settings.

Teleskill setup

 You will then be redirected to the settings page.

On the settings page click the Enable check box.

Add the following information:
• Checkin url,
• Client Code.

This information can be accessed once you activated your Teleskill account.


You can then add a maximum number of rooms per course and a maximum number of total rooms.
Click the SAVE CHANGES button to save your information.

If you click the Read Manual button, on the top right corner of the page, you will be redirected to the resources page where you can find all the APP usage manuals.

Once you have activated the APP, you can create a course webinar, check this manual to learn how.