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Combine your Docebo platform with Teleskill

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September 25th, 2020

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For those using Teleskill for web training, your Docebo can integrate with this webinar tool, so your users can access live training sessions directly in webinar courses in their Docebo platforms. 

More information about webinar sessions on mobile devices.

You must have an active Teleskill account and remain in agreement with the terms and conditions in your contract in order to successfully configure this integration.

Please note that the integration is available for Teleskill SaaS, and does not support on-premise deployments.

Activating Teleskill in Docebo

Begin by logging into your Docebo LMS as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner and press the Add New Apps button in the menu. Once you’re in the Apps and Features area, select the Web Conferencing tab in the tabs menu on the left side of the page. In the list of apps in this tab, find Teleskill, then select the Try It For Free button.

In the pop-up box, read the description, then press Try It For Free. The app is now activated in your platform and you can configure the integration.

Configuring Teleskill in Docebo

To set up the integration in your platform, access the Admin Menu. Then find the Teleskill section and select the Manage subitem. On the Settings page for Teleskill, press the New Account button to add your webinar account.

In the pop-up box, fill out all of the information, retrieving the Account Name, the Checkin URL and the Client Code from your Teleskill account.  Please follow this link if you need assistance from Teleskill.

Finally, add the maximum number of sessions per course, total sessions and concurrent rooms into the corresponding text boxes. Please note that the number of concurrent rooms is the one agreed on in your Teleskill license. Press Confirm when you’re finished.

Once you have activated the app, you can create a webinar course.