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Combine Docebo with Webex.

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November 18th, 2019

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For those using Webex Meetings, Training and Event Center for web training, your platform can integrate with Webex, so your users can access live training sessions directly in webinar courses in their Docebo platforms. This integration is available for Docebo Enterprise plan and Growth plan clients.

Please Note: Docebo can integrate with Webex Meetings, Training and Event Center. The other Cisco web conferencing tools are not currently supported. You can only activate this app if you have a Webex account, if your license includes the Admin site access and if you have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in your contract.

Your platform supports both listed and unlisted Webex Meetings.

Activating the Webex App in Docebo

To activate the Webex app in your platform, log into your platform as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the homepage. At the top of the Admin Menu, press the Add New Apps button, the reach the Web Conferencing tab.

In this tab, find the Webex app in the list of apps, then press the Try it for Free button in the app’s row. Now, read the information in the pop up box and press Try it for Free again. The app is now active in your platform.

Configuring Webex in Docebo

To setup the integration in your platform, access the Admin Menu. Then find the Webex section and select the Manage subitem. On the Settings page for Webex, press the New Account button to add your webinar account.

Then, in the pop up box, begin by flagging whether you want to host listed or unlisted webinars in your platform. Next, add your account name, Webex ID and password (the credentials you use to log into Webex), site name (retrieve it from your Webex URL, copy up to webex), site and partner IDs (both available in the Site Information page of your Webex account), and any additional information that you want to display to your end users. You can also define which Webex template that you want to use for your platform webinar sessions.

Finally, add the maximum number of sessions per course, total sessions and concurrent rooms into the corresponding text boxes. Please note that the number of concurrent rooms is the one agreed in your Webex license. Press Confirm when you’re finished.

Once you have activated the app, you can create a webinar course. Please note that for webinars using this integration, you can add password functionality when creating your webinar session, meaning that a password will protect your webinars, and a user must enter the password when he or she wants to enter the webinar session. Please refer to this article to learn more about setting up webinar sessions.

Please Note: WebEx account in federated mode with SSO is not supported in Docebo. If you have configured the SSO authentication in your WebEx page, when you try to create a WebEx session, you might receive an error: “An error was returned from the API: ‘Incorrect user or password'”.

Managing the Web Conference Password

When you create a web conference using Docebo’s integration with Webex, you can make the webinar accessible yet protected by adding a password to the webinar session. To do so, you need to configure the option for on both your Docebo platform and in your Webex admin panel.

Once you’ve logged into your Webex admin account, access your admin panel. In the tab menu on the left side of the page, select the Configurations tab. Underneath, select Common Site Settings, then press the Options item from the slide out menu. On the Options page, flag the option that All meetings must have a password if you are using Webex Meetings. Please note that if you are using Webex Events, the option is called All events must have a password, while if you are using Webex Training, the option name is All sessions must have a password.

Then, flag the option to allow attendees to join meetings from a WebEx node in another enterprise. Once flagged, enter your or custom URL into the corresponding text field that appears below. Press the Update button at the bottom of the page.

webex common site settings

Now, when you are creating a new web conference in your Docebo platform, insert the password in the related field. Then, press Confirm to complete the process. In order to access the conference, users will be asked to insert the password you chose when you created the session. Please note that you will need to relay the password information to your users in a manner than suits your needs.