Activating and Managing the Enrollment Rules App

Create enrollment rules to simplify the enrollment process.

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July 21st, 2020

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Docebo’s Enrollment Rules app allows you to register users to specific groups and branches of your Organization Chart in your platform to specific courses or learning plans. This article will go through activating the Enrollment Rules app, creating enrollment rules, and managing the enrollment rules logs.

Use Case Scenario

The Enrollment Rules App is useful when you need users to automatically be enrolled in specific courses or learning plans, based on their group assignment or branch assignment. For example, when users are added to the platform, they will be placed in a New Hire group based on the hire date additional field. You can set up an enrollment rule so that, once added to that group, the users will be automatically enrolled in the onboarding courses and learning plans. 

Activating the Enrollment Rules App

Begin by logging into your platform as a Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the page. Select the Add New Apps button, then the Additional Features tab.

Find the Enrollment Rules App in the list, then select the Activate App button. Read the information in the pop-up box, then press Install Now. The app will then be activated in your platform.

Creating and Managing Enrollment Rules

To create and manage enrollment rules, begin by accessing the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gear icon.  Find the Enrollment Rules section and press the Manage subitem. Once you’re on the management page for the app, you will see two buttons in the action bar at the top. Below, there will a list of all of the enrollment rules that you create with all of the rule’s details. Let’s begin by creating a rule.

In the action bar at the top of the page, press the New Rule button. Then, in the pop-up box, start by entering the title of the new rule into the corresponding text box. Then, in the From dropdown menu, select either groups or branches. When you assign a new user to a group or a branch in the organization chart, your platform will automatically enroll said users into specific courses or learning plans.

Please note: When you are selecting branches of users of your organization chart for automated enrollment, please note that in order to make it easier and faster to select branches, you will see a text input field to type in branch names rather than a list of branches to select if you have more than 1,000 branches in your platform.

Next, move to the To dropdown menu, then select whether you want to assign your users to courses or learning plans. When you do this, the users assigned to a specific branch or group will automatically be enrolled in specific learning plans or courses. When you’re finished, press Next.

The new enrollment rule will then be displayed in the rules list on the app’s management page. In the rule’s row, you will see the title and rule type. In the rule row, use the users’ icon to manage the groups or branches assigned to the rule. Use the lists icon to manage the courses or learning plans assigned to the rule.

Begin by pressing the users’ icon in the rule’s row. Then, in the pop-up box, flag the branches or groups you wish to assign to the rule and press Confirm. Please note that if a branch is managed by a Power User and the branch has specific enrollment rules, any time that the Power User creates a user in that branch, the new user will be enrolled into the courses and learning plan that are included in the enrollment rule applied to that branch, even if the Power User does not have any managing permissions or seats for those courses or learning plans.

Then, press the lists icon in the user’s row. In the pop-up box, flag the courses or learning plans to assign to this rule and press Confirm. You can use these actions any time to change the groups, branches, courses, or learning plans assigned to the rule.

Enrollment rules are not retroactive. The users already in the group or in the branch prior to the creation of the rule will not be enrolled in the course or learning plan. The enrollment rule is designed to enroll users added to the group or branch after the rule is created to the specified course or learning plan. Also, note that enrollment rules are not triggered on deactivated users.

If you’ve set up the Digest: User Enrolled To a Course notification using the Notifications app, you can press the bell icon and configure the option to allow said notification to automatically trigger along with the enrollment rule. You can only complete this action if you first enable the Send immediate notification digest on massive enrollment action setting in the Advanced tab of the Advanced Settings menu and then set the digest notification to trigger immediately. The groups and branches set in for the enrollment rule should also match the groups and branches set for the notification.

Once you press the bell icon, flag the notifications that you want to trigger along with the rule in the pop-up box, then press Confirm.

Activating Enrollment Rules

Finally, you need to activate the enrollment rule. To do so, press the checkmark icon in the rule’s row, changing it from grey to green, to activate the rule in your platform. You can deactivate it any time by pressing the icon again, changing it from green to grey.

Once you’ve created and activated the rules, you can edit or delete them at any time by pressing the corresponding icons at the end of the rule’s row.

Managing the Enrollment Rules Logs

You can see all users that have been assigned to specific courses or learning plans from your enrollment rules by looking at the logs on the management page for the Enrollment Rules app. In the action bar at the top of the page, press the Show Logs button. This page shows all of the actions that took place in your platform due to the enrollment rules that you have created and activated. Each row shows date and time when the action occurred as well as the action type.

Click on the person icon at the end of the row to rollback the action, so that all of the users involved in this action will be unassigned from the courses or learning plans. You will be asked to confirm this action before proceeding. Click on the list icon to see a list of the users that were assigned to courses or learning plans with this action. Click on the person icon in a user’s row to individually rollback the automatic enrollment, so that the user will be unenrolled from the corresponding courses or learning plans.