How to Manage Tests in GIFT Format

Learn how to manage tests in GIFT format in your LMS.

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December 17th, 2019

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If you already have a test in a GIFT file format, you can directly import the file into your Docebo LMS without having to manually create questions and answers. You can also export your Docebo tests as GIFT files. This article will show you the import and export processes. For more information about GIFT files, refer to this official documentation.

Creating a Test in Docebo

To learn about creating a test and the various question types available for tests, refer to this article in the Knowledge Base.

Importing a Test as a GIFT File in your LMS

Once you’ve created the test in your platform and you’re on the test’s Edit page, select the Import as GIFT button in the action bar on the top of the page. When you’re redirected to the Upload page, select the Choose File button, then set the file charset as necessary using the text box below. The default charset is UTF-8. When you’re finished, press Save Changes.

gift import

Please note that the platform upload procedure can manage up to 1000 questions per GIFT file. If you need to upload more than 1000 questions, we suggest you split them into more than one file for a smooth upload.

Checking the Syntax for the GIFT File

In order for your questions to appear properly in your LMS, you should confirm that the syntax is correct:

  • The first row beginning with // is a comment
  • The next row should be the question type
  • The row below should be the question itself
  • All available answers choices  listed inside a { } interval
  • The = symbol represents a correct answer
  • The ~ symbol represents an incorrect answer
  • All answers end with the # symbol


gift example

If you need to check the syntax after you’ve imported the test, you can export the test to view the GIFT file from the LMS. The following section will show you how.

Exporting your Test in Docebo as a GIFT File

To export your test as a GIFT file, press the Export as GIFT button in the action bar at the top of your test’s Edit page. The file should automatically begin downloading.

Please Note: At this time, you cannot export the Fill in the Blank question type in GIFT format. Furthermore, it is not possible to Export or Import Association question type’s scores in GIFT format.