How to Manage the Custom Domain App

Learn how to use a custom domain for your Docebo LMS.

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February 23rd, 2018

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In your LMS, you can activate an app that will allow you to use a custom domain for your platform, so users can use that domain to access their learning activity.

Activating the Custom Domain App

To use a custom domain for your LMS, you first need to activate the Custom Domain app. Log into your Docebo platform as the Superadmin, then press the gear icon in the top right corner of the page to access the Admin Menu. In the menu, select the Add New Apps button.

custom domain activate

Once you’re in the Apps & Features area, select the Additional Features tab from the tab menu on the left side of the page. Then, find the Custom Domain app in the list of apps and press the Try It For Free button in the app’s row. Now, read the information in the pop up box and press Try It For Free again. If you are currently operating in a trial platform the system will show you a message regarding the validity of the app, and when you will need to upgrade. Once you’ve activated the app, you can now find it in your Admin Menu.

Configuring the App

Once the app is activated in your platform, you can reach it by accessing the My Apps tab in the tab menu in the Add New Apps area of your platform. Find the app in the list of your activated apps in the tab, then press the gear icon in the app’s row to configure the app.

custom domain

Now, in the Domain Name text box, type in your domain name then press Save Changes. If you aren’t a technology expert, you may need to provide the following data to your Internet Service Provider:

  • For a Second Level Custom Domain. An example of a second level custom domain is The IP address for an A RECORD redirection is The CNAME redirect will be to
  • For a Third Level Custom Domain. An example of a third level custom domain is Here, you will only need to confirm the CNAME, which would be redirected to


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