How to Manage a Standard Report

Check standard reports in your platform.

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December 28th, 2018

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Your Docebo LMS allows you to manage six different pre-created standard reports related to users, courses, learning objects, groups, and learning plans in your LMS. To view and manage a standard report, access your platform as a Superadmin, then reach the Admin Menu by pressing the gear icon in the top right corner of the platform. In the E-Learning section, select the Reports item.

Standard Reports

In the list on the bottom of the page, you will see six pre-created standard reports:

  • Users-Courses Report. Report displaying the progress details of each selected user per course.
  • Users-Course Enrollment Time Report. Report displaying all of the users that have not completed the courses within a given period of time. Please note, this standard report will filter to show courses that will expire for users in the next ten days. Custom reports will need to be created for any other desired filters.
  • Users-Learning Objects. Report displaying details about users related to their learning objects.
  • Courses-Users. Report displaying the progress details of each course selected per each course.
  • Groups-Courses. Report displaying the course progress details of each selected group.
  • Users-Learning Plans. Report displaying the progress details of each selected user per learning plan.

standard report list

Click on the magnifying glass in each report’s row to view the report. To download the report, press the download icon next to the magnifying glass. The report can be downloaded as an .XLS, .CSV, or .HTML file. As you can see, since these standards reports are pre-created, the Created By and Creation Date columns are blank for these reports.

By clicking the item in the Filter column, you can change the visibility of the report. By default, standard reports have public visibility, meaning that all Superadmins, the owner of the report, as well as Power Users can view the report. When you press the item in the Filter column, use the pop-up box to set the visibility. Visibility can be set to All Superadmins and Power Users, All Superadmins or to Select Superadmins and Power Users. In the last case, you will have to choose which User or group or branch of Superadmin or Power user will be able to see the report. When finished, press Confirm.

standard report visibility

Private reports are only visible to the owner of the report and other Superadmins. To delete the report, press the ellipsis icon at the end of the report’s row, then press the Delete item. Please note that you cannot edit standard reports.